Pimco Total Return Fund has returned 1.1 percent in the past ... Investors will be looking for higher-yielding assets such as stocks and real estate, he said. Fels agrees investors will want to diversify. “I’d say not only into Treasuries, but other ...
Bloomberg · ByWes Goodman · 1 day ago
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Pimco's Tony Crescenzi discusses the outlook for U.S. stocks, Fed policy and his investment strategy with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Lisa Abramowicz on "Bloomberg Markets." Bloomberg The Great Wall of China.
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The ex-dividend date is Wednesday, September 9th. Pimco CA Muni. Income Fund III (NYSE:PZC) traded up 0.55% during mid-day trading on Wednesday, reaching $10.88. The company’s stock had a trading volume …
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The Funds' daily New York Stock Exchange closing market prices, net asset values per share, as well as other information, including updated portfolio statistics and performance are available at or by calling the Funds' shareholder ...
Market Watch · 9/1/2015
More from At 2 p.m. in China, the Stock Market Rescue Suddenly Switches On Gross, who co-founded Pimco in 1971 and built it into one of the world’s largest investment firms, departed for Denver-based Janus Capital Group Inc. on Sept.
Yahoo Finance · 1 day ago
On 9/1/15, Pimco announced the predicted dividend cut in the September dividend announcement, cutting the monthly dividend by 15% to $0.103 from $0.122. $PHK's stock price has decreased significantly today given the announcement, -8.8% currently to …
Seeking Alpha · 1 day ago
"The consumer's doing pretty well and is benefiting from lower oil prices and a strong labor market, [and] you have a pretty strong market, so domestic demand is doing well," Pimco's global economic ... straight quarter.
CNBC · 20 hours ago
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Investors around the globe could use some advice from experts on volatility as the major U.S. stock indices surged today following ... King" and founder of Pacific Investment Management, or PIMCO, is now lead portfolio …
ABC News · BySusanna Kim · 8/25/2015
Pacific Investment Management Co., best known for its bond funds, runs $27.7 billion in stock mutual funds, according to researcher Morningstar. But the vast majority of those dollars aren’t invested in individual stocks. Instead, most of Pimco’s 18 ...
The Wall Street Journal · ByKaren Damato · 1/8/2015
Global stock markets staged yet another selloff Tuesday following ... trade by reducing imports without any benefit to export volumes.” It quoted former Pimco CEO Mohamed El-Erian as declaring, “We risk slipping into a beggar thy neighbour, competitive ... · 12 hours ago
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