Although software companies are working hard to keep up with competition, and adjust to newer technologies, the market is still experiencing growth. Global software revenue totaled $403.3 billion in 2013 — a 4.8% increase from 2012, according to a new ...
Mashable · ByMatt Petronzio · 4/2/2014
What does it take to rank among the Fortune 500’s most profitable companies? Tech giants, banks, and oil-and-gas producers all have outsized influence. In total, those ten firms reported nearly $210 billion in profits for 2014. Eight of the 10 reported ...
FORTUNE · 6/11/2015
Whenever market conditions for a given industry are weak, companies look at whether consolidation within the sector would help remaining players be more profitable. Building economies of scale can be useful, and that …
Investopedia · 7/1/2015
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The main U.S. stock market indexes were mixed between -0.2% and +0.1% ... Therefore, we continue to maintain our already profitable speculative short position (2,098.27, S&P 500 index), as we expect a medium-term downward correction or an uptrend …
Safe Haven · 1 day ago
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could lead to a $1 billion+ buyout offer in the long run even if the company is not yet profitable. Personally I have significantly added to my position in this stock over the last couple of weeks as I see this company … · 7/3/2015
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In other words, if you’re buying Twitter stock, you’re betting that the company will ... the company would be worth about as much as giant, well-established, profitable companies like Marriott International, Campbell Soup Co., and ConAgra Foods.
Washington Post · 11/4/2013
The verdict is in, according to recent research: Data-driven companies are more profitable than their competitors. The question is: How? It’s not as if their competitors aren’t using data. Organizations have always used data to make decisions ...
IT Business Edge · 3/27/2013
But overshooting happens in life. The economy needs diverse companies and it also needs diverse management philosophies. It needs some firms to be disgorging cash (dividends and buybacks) so that other capital-hungry firms can invest. It needs some …
Slate · 8/8/2013
Looking for the best buys on the market right now? We may have the investing answer you've been waiting for. All stock prices are driven by profit projections, and a handful of American companies just posted impressive 2010 profits. Firms with a clear ... · 5/19/2011
The leaks coincided with a profitable year for ConocoPhillips, which earned $9.2 billion in profits in 2013. It was the third-biggest American energy company by assets, according to the Oil and Gas Journal's 2014 Survey …
Environment Energy Publishing · 6/26/2015
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