The stock's price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio was 39.14. The latest book value of the company is Rs 37.70 per share. At current value, the price-to-book value of the company is 9.62.
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Q Recently, as the stock market hit an all-time high, I sold a substantial amount of my mutual funds that were purchased many years ago. I reinvested all my dividends and I am not sure how to calculate my tax basis and capital gains. Please help!
Monterey County · ByBarry Dolowich · 4 hours ago
It still has stock to hand for existing school customers, but is likely to focus its energies on software and services going forward. The division had previously hoped to roll out the tablets to many school districts in the US. Its biggest order ...
Education Investor · 8 minutes ago
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The Q-Free Group has approximately 400 employees with offices in 19 countries and presence on all continents. The Q-Free head office is in Trondheim, Norway. Q-Free is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange under the …
Parking Network · 6/29/2015
“If Greece defaults on its debts — a scenario that seems highly possible at this point — it could then be forced to leave the European Union and drop the euro, which is used by 19 E.U. members,” according to Ylan …
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Q: A company I’m invested in wants to issue more stock. Should I vote for or against that? — F. B., Miamisburg, Ohio A: Some would automatically vote no, because adding more stock can dilute the value of existing shares. For example, imagine that ...
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B&Q is anticipating that when the film is released on Valentine’s Day, it will need extra stock to deal with the demand. Meanwhile, Plymouth firefighters are cautioning people to practise safe sex this weekend – by remembering where they put the keys ...
North Devon Journal · 2/10/2015
BOYCOTTING the ABC’s Q&A program “smacks of petulance” and is counter-productive ... after reading the signs and taking stock of the “ugly” mood. “It wasn’t pretty down there, there was no way I was …
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While the stock has corrected nearly 30% since its peak in February ... Ebitda margin is expected to fall c70bps q-o-q. We forecast a 17.5% Ebitda margin for FY17 vs 15.2% Ebitda in Q4FY15. Our EPS forecasts imply 5% downside to consensus FY17 …
Financial Express · 2 hours ago
Tech Mahindra
Despite Tech Mahindra's surprise profit warning that led to investors pulling the company's stock down by 7 per cent on Monday ... "Excluding Tech Mahindra, we expect the revenue growth to be 3 per cent Q-o-Q and 7 per cent Y-o-Y. This is broadly in ...
Economic Times · 3 hours ago