Somewhere right now, John Edwards and Rielle Hunter are sitting in an over-stuffed leather chair, twiddling their fingers, and mumbling, yes, yes, everything's going according to plan to the blue-eyed hairless cat on their laps. In case you missed it, John ...
The Stir · ByLindsay Mannering · 6/27/2012
Rielle Hunter was John Edwards' mistress, but not his only one, according to her new book, What Really Happened. Yes, Rielle Hunter has a book out. In the book, to be released June 26, Hunter reveals that John Edwards, the disgraced former White House ...
The Hollywood Gossip · 6/18/2012
Just when stories of Rielle Hunter were winding down she comes floating back up to the surface. This bitch, the former mistress of past Democratic Party candidate, John Edwards, with whom she shares a daughter Quinn, is trying to land a gig on a reality …
Celeb Dirty Laundry Entertainment News · ByDebbie Pace · 8/3/2012
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Rielle Hunter is sorry — really, really sorry — about the affair she had with John Edwards. The woman who had a child in secret with the former Democratic presidential candidate is so sorry, in fact, that on Tuesday she re-released her June 2012 memoir ... · 10/15/2013
Rielle Hunter - the mistress of politician John Edwards – was seen pushing their 4-year-old daughter Quinn through the airport in New York City on Tuesday (June 26). Rielle – who recently announced that the pair had separated – was in New York City ...
Celebrity Baby Scoop · 6/28/2012
Sara McGinnis is a slightly mossy Northwest gal living in an otherwise all-male household. She contributes to both the BabyCenter Blog and SheKnows Entertainment, and is a fan of Twitter and Facebook friends. When not tethered to wifi...
SheKnows · BySara Mcginnis · 6/18/2012
It may have taken her seven years, but Rielle Hunter is finally apologizing. In a Tuesday, Oct. 15 column in The Huffington Post entitled "I, Rielle Hunter, Apologize," the 49-year-old former campaign videographer says she's sorry for having an affair with ...
US Magazine · ByNicole Eggenberger · 10/15/2013
“It was important from dad’s perspective to be honest with me,” the 32-year-old, now working as an attorney, told The Washington Post. “He was very emotional in telling me . . . we hugged and I said, ‘I love you.’ That’s generally how it went.
Radar Online · 6/19/2014
Rielle Hunter, best known for her affair with North Carolina Senator John Edwards that destroyed his marriage and his political career but produced a daughter, is apologizing for her earlier book that revealed intimate details of their relationship.
Hollywood Reporter · ByAndy Lewis · 10/16/2013
Rielle Hunter says she and former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards have ended their controversial relationship. Hunter told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday that she and the former senator were still together until late last week …
Global Post · BySarah Wolfe · 6/26/2012
rielle hunter
Rielle Hunter (born Lisa Jo Druck on March 20, 1964, also known as Lisa Hunter, Lisa Jo Hunter, and Rielle Jaya …
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