China’s stock market was among the world’s best performers earlier this year, with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index (SCI) up more than 150% in 12 months, partly fueled by margin trading. However, the …
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I will now turn the call over to SCI management, you may begin ... ownership level of purchasing approximately $152 million of our outstanding common stock. Now for an overview of funeral operations. The results of our comparable funeral segment were ...
Seeking Alpha · 7/30/2015
That’s opposed to a loss in the same time period last year But analysts weren’t all impressed. Canaccord Genuity downgraded the stock to “hold.” And stock was falling sharply Friday morning, trading for $11.84, down more than 13 percent.
The Business Journal · 7/31/2015
Asia is the world’s largest market for trains, with rolling-stock sales averaging €28.4 billion over the past three years, compared with €21.9 billion in Europe and €16.8 billion in North America, according to rail …
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China's stock market went through a roller-coaster ride this week, with the worst plunge in eight years on Monday but then rallied on Wednesday. The SCI shed 14.3 percent in July, its biggest single-month decline since 2009. Sun Xiwei, a senior analyst ...
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The film, however, pegs itself on the sci-fi hook using the sole fact ... The film ends up playing with the concept of time more than space and laying its stock by the power of human relationships. Then there’s Michael … · 7/31/2015
( - The China stock market on Wednesday halted the three-day slide in ... The European and U.S. markets finished higher and the Asian markets are expected to follow that lead. The SCI finished sharply higher on Wednesday with broadly …
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Aguilar recently spoke about his hope to expand upcoming SEC cyber security guidance, known as Regulation Systems Compliance and Integrity (“Reg SCI”), beyond the stock markets and other major market entities. In a speech he gave last month in … · 7/27/2015
The losing streak has hit three sessions now for the China stock market, which has plummeted more than 460 ... firmly higher and the Asian bourses figure to follow that lead. The SCI finished sharply lower again on Tuesday with broadly based gains ...
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His second novel, which came out this month, offers another sci-fi adventure thriller like Ready Player One ... a company that Facebook agreed in 2014 to acquire for $2 billion and Facebook stock. Is that positive …
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Service Corporation International

Service Corporation International is an American provider of funeral goods and services as well as cemetery property and services. It i…
Service Corporation International is an American provider of funeral goods and services as well as cemetery property and services. It is headquartered in Neartown, Houston, Texas. SCI operates more than 1500 funeral homes and 400 cemeteries in 43 states, eight Canadian provinces, and Puerto Rico.
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