The most luminous galaxy in the universe was recently discovered. (Photo: NASA) A far-away galaxy, shining with the light of 300 trillion suns, has been discovered by NASA. It's being called the most luminous galaxy …
USA Today · 1 hour ago
Government agencies: They're just like us! Like us, they have to choose from the same handful of wireless carriers. Like us, they pay for voice, text and data. Like us, many of them pay steep prices for service. These …
Washington Post · 2 hours ago
A morbidly maternal wasp, a crop-circle-creating pufferfish and an acrobatic arachnid are among the bizarre and awe-inspiring new species named in 2014, according to a new ranking. Some 18,000 species were newly …
FOX News · ByStephanie Pappas · 3 hours ago
The Root has a new home to grow in. Hispanic media juggernaut Univision Communications Inc. bought the site from Graham Holdings Co. for an undisclosed amount in a deal announced Thursday. Univision hopes the …
The Huffington Post · ByCarolina Moreno · 25 minutes ago
News Site
A fragmented femur bone hidden underwater for millions of years has become the first evidence that a dinosaur once roamed Washington, a new study finds. And not just any dinosaur: This beast was a theropod — a …
FOX News · 19 minutes ago
SpaceX's Crew Dragon spaceship is being built to zoom astronauts out of harm's way in the event of a launch pad emergency — but based on newly released video that was captured during this month's pad abort test, it …
NBC News · 33 minutes ago
Palmer Luckey and his company, Oculus VR Inc, are being sued yet again. Total Recall Technologies, a company in Hawaii, is accusing Luckey of violating a confidentially agreement that he signed as a former …
Engadget · 23 minutes ago
Oculus founder
When it comes to personal information you definitely don't want spilling onto the Internet, your sex life is pretty high on that list. And yet, for users of the suggestive dating website AdultFriendFinder, that nightmare may …
PC Magazine · 3 minutes ago
When news broke late last month that CRM giant Salesforce was approached by a potential acquirer, there was rampant speculation as to the identity of the mystery buyer. Turns out, it was Microsoft. According to sources …
ZDNet · 4 minutes ago
Salesforce acquisition
NASA says it has discovered the brightest galaxy ever seen--a super-distant collection of stars that shines with the intensity of more than 300 trillion suns. This artist's concept depicts the new record holder for the most …
The Huffington Post · 5 hours ago
black hole
What's at the bottom of the bottom of the food chain? Well, think small ... smaller than you can see. Tiny life forms in the ocean, too small for the naked eye to see. There are (and scientists have done the math) trillions of …
NPR News · 12 minutes ago
Marine Microbes
For as long as we've existed, humans have looked up at the stars — and wondered. What is up there? Who is out there? Now, to that list of questions we can add: And CAN I HAVE IT? The United States has already …
Washington Post · 3 hours ago
outer space
KASESE, Uganda, May 22 (UPI) --New poaching maps help conservationists identify risk and better protect animals. The maps are the result of cooperation among scientists and researchers at University of York, in …
United Press International · 27 minutes ago
Enterprise companies tackle mobile marketing automation slightly differently—and that's why they're on top. Register today for this free VB Insight webinar with AEG's VP of Social and Marketing on May 28th.
VentureBeat · 31 minutes ago
[UPDATE] CD Projekt Red has released a statement regarding the exploit. It's sourced to fictional in-game characters, so make of that what you will. "Nilfgaardian representatives are currently investigating the issue and …
Gamespot News · ByEddie Makuch · 24 minutes ago
Earlier this year, Viacom-owned kids’ network Nickelodeon announced its plans to enter the subscription video market with its own over-the-top streaming service aimed at the preschool crowd. Called Noggin, the …
TechCrunch · BySarah Perez · 16 minutes ago
Recipe-and-ingredient delivery service Chef’d ran an Indiegogo campaign last year, but that’s not the only way the team is funding its growth — the company is also announcing that it has just raised a new round of …
TechCrunch · ByAnthony Ha · 1 hour ago
Today: Microsoft has dropped out of the bidding for Microsoft after CEO Marc Benioff asked for as much as $70 billion, according to a CNBC report. Also: HP gets a boost from earnings. The Lead: Salesforce reportedly …
San Jose Mercury News · ByJeremy C. Owens · 12 minutes ago
“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” which has received a tremendous amount of praise, was recently found to have its own share of issues, specifically for the PC. However, PC players are fortunate for the fast action that …
International Business Times · 1 hour ago
PS4 Bugs Spotted
Tinder users who stumble upon a potential match resembling Zedd should know there's a reason for that — and it's not because he's looking for love. The popular dating app is getting into music sales. See also: How …
Mashable · 19 minutes ago
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