Technical analysts face a conundrum. A laundry list of widely followed chart signals are screaming “sell.” But lately, whenever stocks pull back, investors are waiting, telling their brokers “buy.” That’s making the stock market rally a ...
The Wall Street Journal · ByTomi Kilgore · 4/11/2013
Major U.S. stock indexes and their related exchange traded funds (ETFs) flash new “sell” signals. May’s volatile stock market action has generated point and figure “sell” signals in all major U.S. indexes with the exception of the Nasdaq.
The Business Insider · 5/13/2012
As the market continues its struggle to break out of the sideways pattern it has been stuck in over the last four months, a lot of investors are now dealing with the unenviable task of finding attractive stocks to invest in. When markets seem unclear, and ...
Market Intelligence Center · 4/8/2015
The stock market sold off hard on Thursday. Investor sentiment turned sour... The financial talking heads became bearish... And financial analysts preached caution – saying it was the start of the elusive correction we've been waiting for. On Friday ...
Stockhouse · 10/1/2014
This gold-stock Golden Cross is a very important buy signal for this battered sector, and an exceptionally powerful one given the preceding conditions. There’s no ambiguity whatsoever in a Golden Cross, this event itself isn’t subject to interpretation.
Resource Investor · ByAdam Hamilton · 3/24/2014
The Russell 3000, a broad equity index representing 98% of the investable U.S. stock market, is up 9.3% for 2014 on a total ... So, you can add bad breadth to the growing list of warning signals and divergences.
CountingPips · 9/23/2014
George Osborne, the UK chancellor of the exchequer, will visit the Shanghai stock exchange on Tuesday, highlighting China's expanding role in the global financial markets. His visit is part of a week-long tour of China … · 9/21/2015
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Count me unsurprised. The companies they buy are reducing the share count and returning capital to investors. That's one of the best stock market signals you can get.
Investment U · 5/12/2014
Stock buybacks often get a bad name in the financial press, but evidence continues to mount that, outside of a few glaring issues, the concept rewards shareholders. One recently unlikely success was the massive 2012 stock buyback programs by Seagate ... · 12/27/2013
April 12 (Bloomberg) -- The retreat in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index may not be over, as a gauge of bullishness reached levels that coincided with the market’s peak in 2007 and preceded the biggest pullback in both of the last two years. The ...
Bloomberg · 4/12/2012