The statute that created SIPC provides that customers of a failed brokerage firm receive all non-negotiable securities - such as stocks or bonds -- that are already registered in their names or in the process of being registered. At the same time ... · 3/18/2015
SIPC provides limited insurance in the event that brokerage firm becomes insolvent or bankrupt. But that coverage is only for SEC-registered securities (such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds) and cash up to $500,000 (including $100,000 for cash).
Investor Place · 9/2/2010
However, the SIPC may be indirectly covering the sub-accounts you selected for the annuity. If the annuity is invested in a mutual fund, for example, that fund will hold its assets (cash, stock, bonds, certificates of deposit) in custodial accounts managed ... · 10/19/2014
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Your stock broker fails, and you expect the Securities Investor Protection Corporation to be good for your losses up to $500,000. But five years after Allen Stanford's $7 billion fraud on his investors, SIPC has paid them nothing. "I call Wall Street ...
WFAA-TV · 10/8/2014
ATLANTA, April 18, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- OTC Stock Review announces that it has initiated coverage of SIPP Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SIPC). SIPP Industries, Inc. is a new and exciting adult beverage company on the cutting-edge of a new …
GlobeNewswire · 4/18/2008
The SIPC came out with a statement last night indicating that they will be involved in the Madoff situation. The SIPC maintains a special reserve fund authorized by Congress to help investors at failed brokerage firms. The SIPC reserves are available to ...
24/7 Wall ST · 12/17/2008
But if you’ve authorized a broker to make decisions in your account, and he used fraudulent representations to induce you to buy, say, the penny stock of a company that goes belly up, the SIPC doesn’t cover that. A case involving a trustee, or someone ...
Barron's · ByJim Mctague · 5/7/2015
Indeed, in a world where customers do not hold physical stock certificates, it could not be any other way.” H.R. 757, Garrett said, would also “end an ongoing conflict of interest by having the SEC, rather than SIPC, select trustees for SIPC ...
Think Advisor · 3/26/2012
The financial professionals build customized asset allocation portfolios of stocks, bonds and alternative investments ... a registered investment advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC.
Patch · 20 hours ago
The stock rallied 12% to C$29.15 yesterday on the back of the takeover offer. SIPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Group) and undertakes overseas investments and operations in the upstream oil and gas sector.
Bloomberg · 9/26/2008