The good news is that you can take steps to put the brakes on testosterone decline without the need for hormone (testosterone) therapy. In fact, testosterone therapy is seldom necessary unless you have …
Personal Liberty Digest · 5/27/2015
testosterone decline
It was his first fight in a year and a half, and his first fight since the testosterone replacement therapy he formerly used was banned. Belfort looked good from the opening bell, swarming Weidman with punches; but the …
MMA Weekly · 5/30/2015
Vitor Belfort
If any of these describes you, then you are a possible candidate for Testosterone Therapy Las Vegas. Whey powder, derived from dairy, provides the resistance-trainer with the muscle recovery and growth he desires, and has no negative effects on his ... · 5/28/2015
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As a hormone specialist, I see male patients all the time who want to be checked for low testosterone. It’s a smart move on their part. Testosterone affects more than sex drive and erections. It plays a key role in energy, happiness, memory, mood, muscle ...
FOX News · ByDr. Jennifer Landa · 3/2/2015
When they banned Testosterone Replacement Therapy—TRT—it meant that, theoretically at least, Vitor Belfort would have lower testosterone levels than other fighters, especially those younger than him, due to his age. · 5/24/2015
Testosterone Levels
Abbott Laboratories' AndroGel testosterone gel at a pharmacy in Princeton, Ill. (Photo: Bloomberg) Taking testosterone therapy doubled the risk of heart attack among men over age 65 and nearly tripled the risk in younger men with a history of heart disease ...
USA Today · 1/30/2014
This week the headlines have been all about a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that discusses the association of testosterone therapy with the risks of death, heart attack and stroke in men with low testosterone levels.
The Huffington Post · 11/11/2013
Long-term testosterone therapy in hypogonadal men is safe, an observational study suggests. New cases of prostate cancer were lower than expected. A new observational study of hypogonadal men may ease concerns over testosterone therapy, widely …
Renal & Urology News · 12/4/2014
Testosterone-replacement therapies promise to bring increased muscle mass, a heightened sex drive, more energy and maybe even some extra vigor in the golf swing for men with "low-T," or low levels of testosterone. But in the last five years, even as low-T ...
Live Science · 7/8/2014
Testosterone treatment prescribed for men whose bodies produce little or no hormones doesn't increase the risk of heart attack, according to a Houston-area study that should ease fears of men with the condition. The study, conducted by researchers at the ...
Chron · 9/24/2014
Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group and is found in mammals, reptiles, birds, and other …
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