Eleven companies are still in the race to secure a state license to produce marijuana and supply it to pharmacies, which will then sell the drug to registered users at a government-fixed price. Uruguay legalized the … · 8/21/2015
Medical marijuana dispensaries are set to open all over Nevada in ... it was forced to wait because it couldn’t purchase enough inventory from home growers to stock its shelves. Euphoria executives even contemplated …
The Weed Blog · 8/23/2015
Las Vegas
Marijuana has been contested in the state so long that “people ... Larger providers – allowed for now under a judge’s order – operate storefronts with regular hours. They stock assorted strains, from Blue Dream to …
Washington Post · 8/18/2015
Most trade over the counter – where Securities and Exchange Commission filing requirements are few – in penny stocks that don’t hold much value. They go by pot-friendly calling cards like American Green and …
The Center for Public Integrity · 8/18/2015
Columbia Care, one of 43 firms that vied for the five New York medical marijuana licenses ... that the state Department of Health is cognizant of the need for starter stock and supportive of companies in this regard. As …
Democrat and Chronicle · 8/21/2015
Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) is currently trading at $0.03 up 15.0943%. Cannabis Science, Inc. is engaged in medical marijuana research and development. The Company works on phytocannabinoid science focusing critical illnesses, and …
MeshPress · 8/26/2015
Tenet Healthcare Corp (THC - Analyst Report) may be a solid choice for technical investors, as the firm saw some good news with its moving average crossover. THC just saw its 50 Day Moving Average break out above its 200 Day Simple Moving Average …
ZACKS · 7/9/2015
It’s not a stoner-utopia vision of the future—you can buy weed-related stock right now. Winston Ross reports on the risks (possible prosecution) and potential rewards (the next Google?). Psst. You wanna buy some weed ... stocks? We’ve got Growlife ...
Daily Beast · ByWinston Ross · 6/26/2013
At that July 15 meeting, leading marijuana researcher Sue Sisley testified about some ... and most dispensaries don’t even stock the CBD-rich strains that patients need. “The fact is, the rec market is made up of tourists coming to Colorado to get ...
The Colorado Independent · 8/27/2015
medical marijuana
In Canada the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been legal since 2013. Last year companies selling the drug were allowed to float on the country's stock exchange. So is medical marijuana the new bubble?
BBC · 8/20/2015
Medical Purposes

Tenet Healthcare

Tenet Healthcare Corporation is a multinational investor-owned healthcare services company based in Dallas, Texas. Through its brand…
Tenet Healthcare Corporation is a multinational investor-owned healthcare services company based in Dallas, Texas. Through its brands, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships, as of June 2015 Tenet operates nine facilities in the United Kingdom and over 400 outpatient centers in 16 states. Also in the US, Tenet operates 18 "short-stay" surgical hospitals and 80 general acute-care hospitals in 14 states, primarily in California, Florida, Michigan and Texas. Tenet has more than 20,000 licensed beds and 125,000 employees, and the company’s hospitals offer acute, coronary and critical care; operating and recovery rooms; clinical laboratories and pharmacies; and radiology, respiratory, oncology, orthopedic, physical therapy and organ transplant services. Tenet also operates six health plans and 12 accountable care networks.
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