Furthermore, last week’s average daily turnover increased by 13.92 percent, compared to the preceding week, reaching KD 15.69 million, whereas trading volume average was 131.23 million shares, recording a loss of 1.
Kuwait Times · 3 hours ago
The Knight Capital (NYSE: KCG ) trading debacle actually itself resolved fairly well. There were no serious market disruptions, no significant harm to investors, no bailouts, and no fallout to the real economy. Knight apparently screwed up, and Knight (and ...
The Motley Fool · ByIlan Moscovitz · 9/14/2012
Market returns predict the future abnormal returns on small and illiquid stocks, implying attractive dynamic investment strategies for investors investing in the size premium or in small and illiquid stocks either directly or through exchange traded funds.
Value Walk · 10/22/2015
There are many reasons why traders buy stock in a particular company. These reasons typically include items such as an exciting new product the firm has released, explosive earnings or revenue growth, a strongly improved balance sheet, or strategic ...
DailyFX · ByJeremy Wagner · 5/25/2012
While the stock markets have had a tremendous move since the bottom in 2009, one of the big disappointments is that many retail investors never really joined the party. Many individual investors never trusted the market, and they have been far too cautious. · 8/1/2015
Nov 27 U.S. stock indexes ended little changed in light trading on Friday, with consumer stocks falling as investors fretted over early reports on the U.S. holiday shopping season and Disney's subscriber losses weighed on the market. U.S. stock markets ...
Reuters · BySinead Carew · 1 day ago
All trading on the New York Stock Exchange resumed Wednesday shortly after noon after being halted for nearly four hours for unknown internal technical reasons. Internal technical issues are being blamed for the NYSE shutting down trading at 11:32 a.m. ET. · 7/8/2015
The Taylor Trading Technique normally uses the previous session high and / or low as reference prices- levels to gauge market action and make trade entries and exits. However there are times when previous market highs and lows can give us a better …
Daniels Trading · 9/9/2015
If you haven’t heard of high-frequency trading before, it’s essentially the automated, algorithmic buying and selling stocks. HFT is performed by computer systems that are attached directly to stock exchanges. These HFT computers are armed with ...
Extreme Tech · BySebastian Anthony · 5/3/2013
Carlisle, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- Frank Bunn just released his step-by-step stock trading system this week, which is called Stock Market Equalizer. It's a simple and straightforward way to finally make consistent money with the stock market ... · 1/16/2014