Twitter filed to go public yesterday, choosing the stock ticker TWTR. Twitter shares are expected to start trading before Thanksgiving this year. But it looks like some investors are a bit confused. A company called TWTR Inc., which as far as we can tell ...
Slate · 10/4/2013
Twitter's forthcoming IPO may have caused an unrelated company's stock to soar (Yahoo) It appears that Twitter’s IPO is set to be so successful that it’s buoying other companies that have no direct relation to the social media giant . A company called ...
Yahoo News · ByEric Pfeiffer · 10/5/2013
Apparently, some investors confused Tweeter, which trades under the symbol TWTRQ, with Twitter and piled into the penny stock. Tweeter, which trades over the counter, opened at 2 cents a share and jumped as much as 15 cents — or 1,800 percent — …
New York Post · ByGarett Sloane · 10/4/2013
shares of TWTRQ skyrocketed Friday, sending shares up more than 1,000 percent.The only problem is, that's not Twitter, which likely won't be traded publicly until sometime next month. That didn't stop overeager investors from buying up stock in Tweeter ...
TwinCities Pioneer Press · 10/4/2013
"For most kids, it's a double," recalled Darren McKee, president of the Creek Flash youth baseball organization, of this particular hit. "And I think Obie was rounding third by the time the kid got to the ball. I mean, it was ridiculous."
Denver Post · 10/5/2013
Tweeter, on the other hand, is a Massachusetts electronics company that liquidated in 2008 and was languishing in the penny stock department, where it is listed with the ticker abbreviation TWTRQ. That makes Tweeter's ticker name only one letter separate ...
Market Watch · 10/4/2013
TWTRQ was actually Tweeter Home Entertainment Group ... identity with one of the popular marijuana stocks, Growlife, ticker PHOT. Have you ever bought the wrong stock by mistake?
Yahoo Finance · ByTracey Ryniec · 1/16/2014
The stock of Tweeter Home Entertainment Group shot up almost 700 percent on Friday—the day after Twitter's IPO filing became public--as buyers mistook Tweeter's ticker symbol, TWTRQ, with Twitter's, TWTR. What buyers bought were shares in a defunct ...
ABC News · ByAlan Farnham · 10/9/2013
On October 4, a bout of confusion moved 14 million shares of Tweeter Entertainment, a bankrupt retail chain listed under the symbol TWTRQ. The massive ... insights on the most common mistakes investors make in the stock market. Forgetting value.
Forbes · BySamantha Sharf · 10/13/2013