Tweeter Home Entertainment was a little-known, Boston-based electronics retail company that went bankrupt and liquidated roughly 5 years ago, yet its stock market shares came back from the grave this morning and sky rocketed by more than 1,800 per cent.
Pocket lint · 10/4/2013
But some investors were so eager to own Twitter, that they started buying the ticker TWTRQ, a penny stock, apparently mistaking it for Twitter even though it hadn't yet gone public. TWTRQ was actually Tweeter Home Entertainment Group and it traded …
NASDAQ · 1/16/2014
What a difference a Q makes. TWTRQ spiked as investors hoped to get ahead of Twitter's IPO. The stock of a long-closed electronics retailer suddenly soared Friday as investors apparently mistook its worthless stock as a way to buy into Twitter's …
CNN Money · ByChris Isidore · 10/7/2013
It’s not going to be CHIRP, or TWEET, or BIRD. The stock symbol’s going to be TWTR. Looks like some didn’t get the memo, though, because a bankrupt company whose symbol is TWTRQ is flying high today. Tweeter Home Entertainment is up more …
SiliconBeat · 10/4/2013
While the company has not yet revealed whether it will list on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq, it is a guarantee that its shares will not trade over-the-counter. TWTR Inc. shares, which are listed under the symbol TWTRQ — the Q being all-important ...
Forbes · BySteve Schaefer · 10/4/2013
However, Boston-based electronics retailer Tweeter Home Entertainment - whose stock name is TWTRQ - received heavy backing after investors mistook it for Twitter. Twitter isn't expected to go public until November, but that didn't stop backers from getting ...
Digital Spy · 10/4/2013
Tweeter Home Entertainment is back; this time with a new ticker symbol. The bankrupt retailer, which saw a flurry of trading activity last week as investors confused it with Twitter, will now trade under THEGQ rather than its former TWTRQ, according to a ...
The Wall Street Journal · ByMatt Jarzemsky · 10/8/2013
Twitter filed to go public yesterday, choosing the stock ticker TWTR. Twitter shares are expected to start trading before Thanksgiving this year. But it looks like some investors are a bit confused. A company called TWTR Inc., which as far as we can tell ... · 10/4/2013
But that jump wasn't due to anything the beleaguered home electronics company did. Rather, it was thanks to the fact that the penny stock's ticker, TWTRQ, is oh-so-close to that of Twitter, which filed to go public yesterday under the symbol TWTR.
CNet · ByDaniel Terdiman · 10/4/2013
The case is reminiscent of a surge in stock for shell company Tweeter Home Entertainment, which trades under the stock ticker TWTRQ, after the New York Stock Exchange announced that Twitter would trade under the symbol TWTR.
Daily Telegraph · 1/15/2014