investors inexplicably bid up the penny stock of Tweeter Home Electronics Group, a bankrupt home electronics chain with the symbol TWTRQ, more than 1,800 percent. Today, Tweeter's symbol has been officially changed to THEGQ, and its share price has ...
CNet · ByDaniel Terdiman · 10/8/2013
Twitter filed to go public yesterday, choosing the stock ticker TWTR. Twitter shares are expected to start trading before Thanksgiving this year. But it looks like some investors are a bit confused. A company called TWTR Inc., which as far as we can tell ... · 10/4/2013
Tweeter Home Entertainment is back; this time with a new ticker symbol. The bankrupt retailer, which saw a flurry of trading activity last week as investors confused it with Twitter, will now trade under THEGQ rather than its former TWTRQ, according to a ...
The Wall Street Journal · ByMatt Jarzemsky · 10/8/2013
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TWEET' TRADEMARK: May be at risk as usage grows Tweeter, whose stock is exchanged over the counter, trades under the ticker symbol TWTRQ. Twitter, which filed regulatory documents Thursday, plans to trade under the ticker symbol TWTR.
USA Today · ByScott Martin · 10/4/2013
Nest Labs, a company which makes home gadgets with their ... The case is reminiscent of a surge in stock for shell company Tweeter Home Entertainment, which trades under the stock ticker TWTRQ, after the New York Stock Exchange announced that …
Daily Telegraph · 1/15/2014
After Twitter announced in its S-1 filing last week that it would trade under the symbol TWTR, Tweeter’s stock — which is listed as TWTRQ — shot up more than 2,000 percent. (A “Q” affixed to the end usually signifies that the company is in ...
All Things D · ByMike Isaac · 10/8/2013
The bankrupt retailer’s previous stock ticker symbol was TWTRQ, and its shares soared more than a thousand percent on Friday as confused investors pumped their money into the penny stock, thinking that it was Twitter. Tweeter Home Entertainment …
Value Walk · 10/8/2013
Twitter has reportedly changed its stock symbol after an apparent confusion over it being similar to the social media site. Twitter used the symbol TWTRQ, similar to Twitter's proposed symbol TWTR that it hopes to use when its goes public. However ... · 10/9/2013
When a company enters bankruptcy, a "Q" is often added to its ticker symbol. That's your tip-off that the stock is risky. (It's also how Tweeter's symbol TWTR became TWTRQ.) Typically, those stocks no longer qualify to be listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq …
Sydney Morning Herald · 11/5/2013
The stock, which trades over the counter under the ticker TWTRQ, closed Thursday at a price of less than ... 12:42 pm ET after 14.36 million shares had traded. Twitter has chosen TWTR as a stock symbol, but its shares are not yet trading publicly.
CNBC · 10/5/2013