With Wall Street stocks tumbling, the dollar's rebound from steep losses ... JPY 136.87 137.55 EUR/CHF 1.0816 1.0810 EUR/GBP 0.7341 0.7358 USD/JPY 118.84 118.51 USD/CHF 0.9391 0.9314
Yahoo7 Finance · 8/25/2015
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Boris Schlossberg of BK Asset Management noted that typically, the dollar would rise against the euro in times of risk, and then turn around when stocks rally ... GBP 0.7358 0.7254 USD/JPY 118.51 122.06 USD/CHF
Yahoo Finance UK and Ireland · 8/24/2015
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Name Price Change %Change AUD / USD 0.702 0.001 0.100 EUR / CHF 1.088 0.003 0.310 EUR / DKK 7.464 0.001 0.020 EUR / GBP 0.735 -0.004 -0.500 EUR / JPY 134.995 -0.003 0.000 EUR / NOK 9.293 -0.076 -0.810 EUR / SEK 9.487 -0.029 -0.300 …
Stock Market Wire · 13 hours ago
U.S. stock futures jumped following a batch of solid corporate earnings reports and on hopes the Federal Reserve might slow the winding down of its stimulus in light of recent weakness in the global economy. Yields on U.S. government debt, however ...
Live Trading News · 10/17/2014
The US Dollar to Swiss Franc exchange rate today is converting at 0.963 USD/CHF. The US Dollar to Euro exchange rate ... Trends Narrowly Today New Zealand Dollar Exchange Rate Following Stock Market Trends as Fed Hike Disappointment Boosts …
Exchange Rates · 8/29/2015
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USDCHF is currently testing the resistance of the symmetrical ... In addition, the risks from the Greek default and China’s stock market tumble haven’t weighed into their discussions then. With that, cautious remarks could underscore views that the ...
Fore Minute · 7/8/2015
1.10 - USDCHF should rally strongly if the market gets over the ... Saxo Bank enables clients to trade FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures, Options and other derivatives on our award-winning SaxoTrader platform, accessible on PCs, tablets or smartphones ...
Business Intelligence Middle East · 17 hours ago
Markets are relatively optimistic as the sun rises on a new trading day, with investors holding out hope that a Greek debt deal will be reached this weekend and that China’s perilous stock market ... is the bullish move in USDCHF. The pair has · 7/9/2015
Yesterday’s trade saw USD/CHF within the range of 0.7360-1.0221 ... includes sales taxes, but excludes income taxes, costs of investments such as stocks and bonds and sales prices of homes. If the CPIConsumer Price Index. Examines the weighted … · 1/16/2015
On USDCHF we are still looking higher as latest minor decline ... He mostly focuses on currencies, oil, gold, and the U.S. stock market. Gregor Horvat is also founder of forex services on provides technical analysis ...
Inside Futures · ByGregor Horvat · 7/30/2015