NEW YORK CITY, USA - The US dollar sagged and US bond yields fell, while US stocks snapped a 3-day streak of records, on Tuesday, July 16, ahead of two days of testimony to Congress on the economy by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.
Rappler · 7/17/2013
The latest World Gold Council Gold Demand Trends report shows that the gold market is driven by diverse global demand, and the appetite for owning gold jewelry, bars and coins continues to grow. "The price drop in April, fueled by non-physical moves in the ...
NASDAQ · 5/17/2013
The Canadian asset manager entered the territory’s market in the late 2014 with three specialized products: a US dollar bond fund ... Best ETF Exchange The Tokyo Stock Exchange won the Best ETF Exchange in … · 13 minutes ago
China's official PMI, released Saturday, also reflected a trend of weak demand amid a battered property sector and swooning stock market ... ample supply of raw materials and a stronger US dollar sent commodity prices tumbling in July.
The Australian · 3 minutes ago
Copper prices
The Australian dollar gained as much as one US cent in overnight trade after the US dollar fell against all the major currencies. The Australian currency peaked at 96.71 US cents in offshore trade on Wednesday night. By 0700 AEST on Thursday, it was ...
Adelaide Now · 5/30/2013
Stocks look bullish for the medium term, and although a short-term correction is likely not too far off, don't expect to see it immediately. The latest World Gold Council Gold Demand Trends report shows that the gold market is driven by diverse global ...
Minyanville · ByPrzemyslaw Radomski · 5/17/2013
Oil surged more than 6 percent Monday, and helped boost the stock market as the S&P energy sector jumped 1.8 percent. The U.S. dollar index started out the day lower, and was a catalyst for the stock market's gains, though it edged higher and ended … · 4/7/2015
Similarly, the low crude prices hit energy company stocks and caused them to fall. US stocks decline, but the US Dollar appreciates. Put in the simplest terms, the stock market and exchange rates are intrinsically linked. This is because all financial ...
FCF · 11/5/2014
The stronger US Dollar is hurting profits… which are the single biggest driver of stock prices. What happened the last time that stocks were strongly disconnected from reality… and the US Dollar began to rally hard? Be prepared. If you’ve yet to take ...
GoldSeek · ByGraham Summers · 2/2/2015
The Nigeria currency (Naira) has continued to thrive against the US dollar this week as Deposit Money Banks reject ... There is still a huge stock of dollars out there that the banks will be pushing into the parallel market …
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Banks Snub Dollars