Stock markets are a reflection of real market developments ... China’s yuan has been, as a matter of policy, pegged to the US dollar at a fixed rate. During the years when the dollar was weak, China’s competitiveness thrived well.
Philstar · 8/25/2015
The latest World Gold Council Gold Demand Trends report shows that the gold market is driven by diverse global demand, and the appetite for owning gold jewelry, bars and coins continues to grow. "The price drop in April, fueled by non-physical moves in the ...
NASDAQ · 5/17/2013
Stock in tech giant Apple, Inc. dropped 5.2 percent in trading Tuesday following a devaluation of the Renminbi (RMB) by the Chinese Government. The People’s Bank of China, which sets the exchange rate for the currency, cut the valuation of the RMB by …
Silicon Angle · 8/12/2015
Yesterday’s dramatic moves in stock markets around the world ... Broader fears over China have certainly impacted emerging markets, which also face pressure from US dollar strength and the prospect of Fed rate …
CITY A.M. · 8/26/2015
Like rubber glove makers, Karex has been reaping benefits from the stronger US dollar as its condoms are sold in that currency. Earlier this week, the condom maker told the stock exchange that its full-year net profit ended June 2015 of RM59.95 million was ...
Yahoo News · 15 hours ago
Rubber glove
Oil surged more than 6 percent Monday, and helped boost the stock market as the S&P energy sector jumped 1.8 percent. The U.S. dollar index started out the day lower, and was a catalyst for the stock market's gains, though it edged higher and ended … · 4/7/2015
If the stock market closes higher this year ... "We assume that the S&P 500 will finish the year slightly down as the strengthening of the US dollar and the new tightening cycle offset the strong US GDP growth already priced-in at the start of the year."
The Business Insider · 1/14/2015
The stronger US Dollar is hurting profits… which are the single biggest driver of stock prices. What happened the last time that stocks were strongly disconnected from reality… and the US Dollar began to rally hard? Be prepared. If you’ve yet to take ...
GoldSeek · ByGraham Summers · 2/2/2015
From thid broader viewpoint, the US dollar's cycle facing a turning point is the real ... including first, letting the stock market rebound and gradually build up its base support; second, continuing to reform its foreign …
中时电子报 · 15 hours ago
financial markets
China stocks were higher after the close on Friday ... USD/CNY was down 0.19% to 6.3929, while EUR/CNY rose 0.20% to 7.2149. The US Dollar Index was down 0.23% at 95.52. · 1 day ago
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