The CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX—the wonky measure also known as the stock market’s “fear gauge”—has become somewhat familiar to even retail investors. Some traders dubbed the surge in volatility in late August a “VIX-plosion.” The CBOE Vola ...
Wall Street Journal · BySpencer Jakab andSpencer.jakab · 9/17/2015
And the VIX, a market volatility gauge that is one of the components of the Fear & Greed Index, shot up 8%. It''s understandable why investors are on edge. Stocks just suffered their worst quarter in four years, largely …
WSBT 22 · 10/2/2015
But, overall even as the CBOE VIX index continues to fall the rally in stocks is losing momentum. Europe was lower with the exception of the DAX. No doubt traders in London and on the continent were, in general, disappointed with the lack of follow through ... · 31 minutes ago
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Indices everywhere have risen. More than half of S&P 500 stocks now trade above their 50-day average; when markets bounced in early September, this figure never exceeded 30 per cent. Crucially, the Vix, or fear index …
The Irish Times · 1 hour ago
The VIX is the stock market fear gauge, participants look to the VIX readings for indications of market conditions and sentiment. The VIX is calculated and published by the CBOE. It is a calculation, you cannot or buy the Spot price of the VIX.
Live Trading News · 10/25/2014
(Currently, the S&P 500 is sitting at about 1,950). Related: The stock market is crazy, but don't panic 2. VIX fear factor index above 40 The other factor traders (and computer algorithms) watch is volatility, specifically the VIX Volatility Index.
CNN Money · 9/2/2015
When investors see options premiums increase, there’s the assumption that we can expect future volatility of the underlying stock index, which represents higher implied volatility levels. This VIX is an attempt to quantify fear in the marketplace because ...
Investment U · 3/6/2012
In consideration of your time, we'll send a free trading primer authored by Jon and Pete. optionMONSTER® provides stock market insight, advanced options education, and actionable trade ideas to meet the needs of do-it-yourself investors. After spending ...
Option MONSTER · 16 hours ago
European stocks were seen consolidating gains on Monday after a stellar ... outflows from emerging market funds were at their lowest since July. The widely-tracked VIX index, a volatility gauge of investor nervousness …
Firstpost · 11 hours ago
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Why? Well, for starters, VIX options give you delivery of … nothing. They cash settle on expiration day and officially leave your sheets forever. VXX options deliver (or get delivery of) VXX stock. The same goes for VXZ. You can also exercise them early ...
Investor Place · 7/19/2010
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