While some in Hong Kong have fretted over how pro-democracy protests are hurting business, the city’s stock market is weathering them just fine. On Thursday, the Hang Seng closed up 1.3% at 23819.87, above its closing level of 23678.41 on Sept.
The Wall Street Journal · 10/29/2014
Marshall Hargrave: The market appears strong, but we’re not taking a chance. Cold weather stocks appear to be a low-risk play this winter. Gas prices are at multi-year lows and we’re steadily adding more and more jobs to the economy each month.
ETF Daily News · 12/15/2014
Memorial Day just went by, and in a few weeks, summer officially begins. This time of year has me thinking of all the folks who will be having fun outdoors. Plenty of companies cater to the millions of Americans who seek fresh air and sunshine, and I have ... · 6/4/2015
There seem to be two simple explanations for this: The first is that Walmart stock was unfairly hit by the winter weather at the start of 2014 that depressed consumer spending across the board. And the second is that Walmart has been dead money for a …
THE SLANT · 5/16/2014
With that in mind we decided to build a list of winter weather stocks that profit when the snow gets bad. Now, for a lot of reasons this wasn't particularly easy to do. For one, the world's largest maker of snow plows, Meyer, is a privately held company.
NASDAQ · 1/9/2014
TD Bank (NYSE: TD ) is my preference of the big banks based in ... other great companies in other industries hand-selected by Warren Buffett and his trusted stock pickers specifically for the purpose of outperforming the market in bad times.
The Motley Fool · 10/28/2014
The stock market has once again shown that the days of nerve-wracking volatility are not over. Economic growth in the developed world remains sub-par to say the least, and many still believe that most of the stock market here is propped up with easy …
Seeking Alpha · ByDoug Carey · 10/24/2014
The rising stocks imply that supply is rising or demand is falling. Mild weather estimates and rising natural gas stocks will continue to put pressure on natural gas prices. Oil and gas ETFs like the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE) rose in Friday’s ...
Market Realist · 6/29/2015
The colder it is, the more hay animals eat, depleting the hay stock of many southern Maine farms. The Animal Rescue Unit at Homeland Farm in Bridgton takes in large animals that can no longer be cared for. Right now they're housing about 140 animals ...
WCSH6 · ByAmanda Hill · 3/24/2015
In a light trading day on Monday, investors drove stocks sharply lower late in the day after pouncing on the fact that the S&P 500 Index had fallen below its 200-day moving average price. While that particular indicator is considered significant by some ...
Investment News · ByJeff Benjamin · 10/17/2014