TD Bank (NYSE: TD ) is my preference of the big banks based in ... other great companies in other industries hand-selected by Warren Buffett and his trusted stock pickers specifically for the purpose of outperforming the market in bad times.
The Motley Fool · 10/28/2014
Marshall Hargrave: The market appears strong, but we’re not taking a chance. Cold weather stocks appear to be a low-risk play this winter. Gas prices are at multi-year lows and we’re steadily adding more and more jobs to the economy each month.
ETF Daily News · 12/15/2014
Increasing doubts about global growth and local corporate earnings have pummelled stocks in recent weeks. On Monday, the markets went the other way and pushed prices up by a spectacular amount. But don't be fooled. The markets will remain volatile ...
Firstpost · 8/29/2011
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Here's how to remove the weather and stock widgets from the iOS 5 Notification Center. 1. Open the Settings app on your iOS 5 device. 2. Tap on Notifications. 3. Look down the list of apps in Notifications and tap on the ones you want to turn off.
IT World · ByJim Lynch · 10/12/2011
In a light trading day on Monday, investors drove stocks sharply lower late in the day after pouncing on the fact that the S&P 500 Index had fallen below its 200-day moving average price. While that particular indicator is considered significant by some ...
Investment News · ByJeff Benjamin · 10/17/2014
There's a mix of gray, blue and yellow in the skies outside Chicagoist's Bridgeport headquarters and the leaves are slowly flying off the trees, which is as expected as the forecasts from Skilling Central and Accuweather are calling for partly cloudy skies ...
Chicagoist · 10/9/2014
Weather changes may affect how institutional investors decide on stock plays, according to a new study. Their findings suggest sunny skies put professional investors more in a mood to buy, while cloudy conditions tend to discourage stock purchases.
Science Daily · 1/16/2015
Bad weather is making our food more expensive. Should we expect this to be the new normal for food stocks? Food has gotten much more expensive in 2014. Sugar prices in particular have gone through the roof, up more than 14% according to the United …
Kaptiall WIre · 4/4/2014
Though there are a number of pantry staples that you should always have on hand (olive oil, salt and pepper, chicken stock, etc.) some are more useful than others when the seasons change. If you don’t already, make a habit of looking at the items in your ...
The Daily Meal · 10/22/2014
Allen Bond, co-portfolio manager at Jensen Quality Growth, looks at a trio of stocks that meet his strict criteria. To be considered, they must have earned at least a 15% return on equity in each year of the prior decade. Steven Halpern: Joining us today ...
The Money Show · 10/15/2014