The Quant Research Team at has drawn attention to a recent study by William Goetzmann, Dasol Kim, Alok Kumar and Qin Wang which shows that weather-based indicators of mood impact perceptions of mispricing and trading …
Value Walk · BySaul Griffith · 11/20/2013
I joined Fox Business’ Varney & Company this morning to discuss investing in bad winter weather. You can view the video here. Bad weather has been repeatedly cited this year as the cause for everything from lackluster retail sales to stagnant job growth.
Forbes · ByCharles Sizemore · 2/11/2014
Weather changes may affect how institutional investors decide on stock plays, according to a new study by a team of finance researchers. Their findings suggest sunny skies put professional investors more in a mood to buy, while cloudy conditions tend to ... · 1/15/2015
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“Those bonds have been rolled over and government had to weather the difficulties because resources to fund such increase were not there,” she said. She described Nigeria’s debt to GDP ratio as one of the lowest …
The Nation · 22 minutes ago
Okonjo Iweala
Yet the stock market is doing just fine ... He argues there has been no shock big enough to offset the forces of recovery. Brutal winter weather in the U.S. Northeast and hard times in the shale oil industry account for …
Globe and Mail · 1 hour ago
A strong agricultural market, new unique events and a long history of putting on a good show are all factors that help determine whether the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo has good turnout, and turns a healthy profit. But the top factor for success is the ...
Rapid City Journal · 2/7/2015
There are two persistent statements that you will hear relating to the National Western Stock Show, which is held in Denver, Colo., each year in January. One relates to Stock Show Weather and the other to the Stock Show Crud, a respiratory infection.
Fence Post · 2/11/2013
May 24, 2015 - Ottawa - As the 2015 edition of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend winds down, organizers taking stock are pleased with strong athletic performances, record-breaking participation, good weather and …
Runnersweb · 17 minutes ago
Race Weekend
Investing your retirement savings in the stock market is always a bit of a gamble. But over the long term the market has a positive bias. According to the "Stock Trader's Almanac" it goes up 53.5 percent of the time. And so your IRA or 401(k) will likely ...
Yahoo Finance · 9/10/2014
Apart from two-fold children's umbrella and those with fabric that can withstand all weather, Popy is introducing a niche product ... "Last year was bad for us and we are left with unsold stock. Consequently, we slashed …
Economic Times · 42 minutes ago