Sunshine affects mood and mood can shape behavior. It is then plausible to test if weather is related to economic outcomes, such as market return. The ‘weather effect’ is documented by some, Saunders (1993) and Hirshleifer and Shumway (2003), and ...
Value Walk · 8/16/2014
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — While the severe weather appears to have dampened consumer spending and stymied job growth the past few months, Wall Street remained immune. Retailers took the brunt of the extreme weather and storms, halting …
Main Street · 3/14/2014
With that in mind we decided to build a list of winter weather stocks that profit when the snow gets bad. Now, for a lot of reasons this wasn't particularly easy to do. For one, the world's largest maker of snow plows, Meyer, is a privately held company.
NASDAQ · 1/9/2014
There seem to be two simple explanations for this: The first is that Walmart stock was unfairly hit by the winter weather at ... hunt in retail stocks. Walmart stock sold off after earnings, sure, but the weakness in WMT stock is not contained to this ...
THE SLANT · 5/16/2014
While some in Hong Kong have fretted over how pro-democracy protests are hurting business, the city’s stock market is weathering them just fine. On Thursday, the Hang Seng closed up 1.3% at 23819.87, above its closing level of 23678.41 on Sept.
The Wall Street Journal · 10/29/2014
As a Personal Assistant, Cortana can be used for several applications to make an appointment, send an email or text, set reminders by location and time across your PC and phone, plus track your packages, flights …
Gizbot · 2 hours ago
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It seems like just about anything can affect the stock market...even bad weather! A new study reveals bad weather can generate a "mild depression" that distracts even the most sophisticated of investors. The wall street journal reports that, according to ...
KFBB NewsChannel 5 · 11/10/2015
Marshall Hargrave: The market appears strong, but we’re not taking a chance. Cold weather stocks appear to be a low-risk play this winter. Gas prices are at multi-year lows and we’re steadily adding more and more jobs to the economy each month.
ETF Daily News · 12/15/2014