KIRKUK, Iraq – Captured ISIS weapons show the black-clad militants are developing an arsenal of sophisticated arms, and Kurdish fighters told they fear the terrorist force's expanding manufacturing …
FOX News · 34 minutes ago
Jianli County, China (CNN)Most of the passengers on the Eastern Star cruise ship had gone to bed. A violent storm struck and rain pounded the windows with such force that water seeped into the cabins, survivor Zhang …
CNN · 2 hours ago
Yangtze River
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Militants attacked a remote guesthouse and killed nine Afghans working for a Czech charity on Tuesday, as a new report by a U.S. university warned that almost 100,000 people have been …
The Huffington Post · 11 minutes ago
epa04780260 Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi during a press conference after a meeting at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss strategy in fighting DAESH in Paris, France, 02 June 2015. A coalition of …
USA Today · 2 hours ago
Islamic State
The Senate passed a bill curtailing the government’s sweeping surveillance of American phone records, a major change in security policy. The vote was a blow to both Kentucky senators: Rand Paul (seen here), who …
New York Times · 6 minutes ago
Family members of Americans believed to be held in Iran told U.S. lawmakers today in an emotional hearing that with the ongoing nuclear negotiations, the U.S. government has entered a brief but vital window in which the …
ABC News · ByLee Ferran · 3 hours ago
President Obama took a step toward a tougher line with Israel in an interview released Tuesday, raising the possibility that the U.S. will allow a United Nations vote on issues related to the Palestinians if the two sides …
Los Angeles Times · ByChristi Parsons · 9 minutes ago
A final ruling on the death sentence handed down to former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi will be announced in two weeks, a Cairo court said Tuesday. The court's announcement came a day after police arrested …
The Christian Science Monitor · 8 minutes ago
Muslim Brotherhood
Four teenagers were seriously hurt after two roller coaster cars collided at a popular England theme park, officials said. The Smiler roller coaster, the newest ride at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, was carrying 16 people …
New York Daily News · 46 minutes ago
GENEVA — Secretary of State John Kerry plans to fly to Boston on Monday after staying overnight in a Swiss hospital to receive treatment for a broken leg incurred in a bicycle crash. It was unclear how long he will be …
NBC News · 46 minutes ago
Broken Leg
NAIROBI, Kenya — The sharp decline of the elephant population in Tanzania, most likely due to poaching, is catastrophic, a wildlife conservation group said Tuesday. The Tanzanian government on Monday estimated that …
Washington Post · 36 minutes ago
Nigerian police and civilians inspect the site of a suicide attack at a busy cattle market in the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Tuesday. MAIDUGURI, Nigeria – A bomb blast at a busy meat market in the …
New York Daily News · 1 hour ago
Boko Haram
Gaza — Hamas security forces killed an activist of a rival Islamist militant group in a shoot-out at his Gaza home on Tuesday, drawing strong condemnation from the Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas.
The Christian Science Monitor · 55 minutes ago
Islamist group
Once thought to be on the verge of global eradication, polio continues to threaten pockets of Pakistan: Peshawar in the north and the Waziristan tribal areas, and spreading south to Karachi. And the Pakistan polio …
New York Times · 1 hour ago
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, center, the President of France, Francois Hollande, left, and the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, right, attend a statement for the media prior to a meeting at …
San Francisco Gate · 41 minutes ago
The theft of family dogs is up in the U.K., according to an investigation by the Mirror newspaper, and activists allege that police are not doing enough to combat the crimes. Some 1,310 thefts were reported from February …
The Huffington Post · ByJames Gerken · 3 hours ago
Newspaper Investigation Finds
Underestimated on the battlefield, the group known as the Islamic State is aiming to surprise the Western world again, trying to develop a state-like infrastructure that could help sustain its self-declared caliphate. Obama …
Voice of America · 34 minutes ago
Islamic State
Officials made dramatic rescue efforts, at least one with a hammer, to reach hundreds of passengers trapped in an overturned cruise ship on China's Yangtze River after it capsized in a storm. Search teams heard people …
ABC News · 6 hours ago
Yangtze River
(CNN)Iraq's international partners vowed Tuesday to remain united in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for more support for his nation's forces. Members of the U.S.-led …
CNN · 4 hours ago
A Chinese ferry carrying 456 people on the Yangtze River sank Monday night after getting caught in a cyclone, and by Tuesday evening just 15 survivors had been rescued. Chinese authorities deployed a 140-person …
Los Angeles Times · 2 hours ago
Yangtze River
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