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First things first, state Rep. Mike Jacobs, R-Brookhaven, said during an Oct. 21 town hall with other members of the DeKalb delegation. Before legislation to create a new city of Tucker, Briarcliff or Lakeside comes up for discussion, the delegation must ...   -  29 minutes ago
• President Barack Obama, speech at Northwestern University, Oct. 2. • UNH Survey Center, Granite State Poll, Oct. 10. • NHPR, More Than 10,000 Television Ads Have Aired (So Far) In Brown, Shaheen Senate Race, Oct. 9. • James Pindell, Jeanne ...   Nashua Telegraph   -  30 minutes ago
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NASHUA – Gov. Maggie Hassan bemoaned the effect on state budgets of previous cuts in the state’s business taxes but didn’t support reversing them, and challenger Walt Havenstein said he would cut the taxes further, during interviews in front of a ...   Nashua Telegraph   -  30 minutes ago
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In a surprising and somewhat embarrassing situation, administrators of California's new Middle Class Scholarship program last month awarded only about half the $107 million available. But on Wednesday, officials announced that they were extending ...   Los Angeles Times   -  32 minutes ago
Jefferson Siegel/New York Daily News Preet Bharara, appearing on public radio’s 'The Capital Pressroom,' hinted his office has several ongoing investigations stemming from the Moreland Commission’s corruption probes. Hours before the gubernatorial ...   New York Daily News   -  39 minutes ago
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Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, used to being in control, stared down forceful questioning of his ethical troubles. After months of remaining above the fray, Mr. Cuomo eagerly and sternly hit back on Wednesday night, exchanging blows with his Republican challenger ...   New York Times   -  45 minutes ago
ALBANY — Rob Astorino did exactly what he had to do. But unfortunately for the long-shot Republican, his high-octane performance against Gov. Cuomo was like winning a late round in a 15-round fight that he is losing badly. Recent polls show Cuomo ahead ...   New York Daily News   -  57 minutes ago
BUFFALO—New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo went on the attack against his Republican challenger Rob Astorino during a debate on Wednesday, in jarring clashes on taxes, racial discrimination and Albany corruption. The Democratic governor, after months of mostly ...   Wall Street Journal   -  1 hour ago
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The Internal Revenue Service has replaced a top lawyer in its Office of Professional Responsibility who faces losing her law license over her work on a years-old personal-injury case. While it’s unclear whether she’s been moved to a new job or left the ...   Washington Times   -  1 hour ago
WASHINGTON — Not so long ago, it appeared Terri Lynn Land had a respectable shot at capturing Michigan's open U.S. Senate seat for the Republican Party. But as it stands now, if Land were to beat the Democratic nominee, Rep. Gary Peters of Bloomfield ...   USA Today   -  2 hours ago
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