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The deficit has occupied the attention of the new administration since Gov. Charlie Baker's inaugural on Jan. 8, and his top budget aide said he plans to roll out a plan to address it sometime next week. Picking up budget management midway through the ...   Lowell Sun   -  40 minutes ago
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The first time she ran for President, Hillary Clinton declared herself a candidate in January 2007 — almost two years before Election Day — with a confident, in-your-face slogan: "I'm in, and in to win." Eight years later, the presumptive Democratic ...   New York Daily News   -  41 minutes ago
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ERWIN, Tenn. (AP) - The executive committee of the Tennessee Republican Party plans to meet next month to discuss a proposal that would change the primary election process. The Johnson City Press ( reports GOP leaders will discuss ...   WRCB 3 Chattanooga   -  41 minutes ago
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It appears that a bug has mysteriously infested the Senate GOP leader’s office. First former Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville had it, and he seems to have passed it along to the new majority leader Arlan Meekhof. Somebody get out the Lysol.   MLive   -  50 minutes ago
The Koch brothers held the first unofficial Republican presidential primary on Sunday. Potential candidates ducked the tough questions but this was as good as it’s going to get. For all the controversy surrounding the Koch brothers, they sure know how to ...   Daily Beast   -  51 minutes ago
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President Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP) President Obama has cut a radio spot for ex-Chief of Staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as the latter seeks re-election. Emanuel "loves our city, and he ...   USA Today   -  51 minutes ago
So Obama tees it up for Clinton by focusing on the middle class, and what does the GOP say? Cut entitlements! Can anybody play this game? Last week was a great week for Hillary Clinton. The State of the Union was essentially 2016 Clinton’s campaign ...   Daily Beast   -  51 minutes ago
A Promising Garbage Workaround   New York Times
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NEW YORK — Supporters of Antonio Weiss knew the Wall Street banker’s nomination for a top job at the Treasury Department was in deep trouble the morning of Dec. 5. Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic senator from New York, went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe ...   Politico   -  53 minutes ago
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Ypsilanti Township is dropping a proposed ordinance that would have required owners of vacant properties to outfit their structures with fake doors and windows made out of vinyl. At its Dec. 16 meeting, the Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees and township ...   MLive   -  53 minutes ago
Paul Waldman is a senior writer with the American Prospect magazine and a blogger for the Washington Post. (CNN)Social Security is often described as "the third rail of American politics" -- touch it and you'll get zapped. So why do Republicans keep ...   CNN   -  56 minutes ago