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Raj Thackeray made it clear that he will not have any ties with the BJP in the politics. On the other hand, he has been fighting the lonely battle since the beginning and presently all parties are following the same line. It is notable that Raj presented ...   IBN Live   -  4 hours ago
There could be a new political landscape across the GTA after the municipal ... She is tied with Brampton Councillor Josh Sanderson who is also at 17%. The news for Fennel gets worse as the same poll also found that 55% of those surveyed want her ...   -  5 hours ago
She said she would spend the next month getting her campaign organized and developing positions on major issues. “I’m not a political operative in any sense of the term,” she said. Buckhorn was elected in 2011 to a four-year term, defeating former ...   The Tampa Tribune   -  11 hours ago
DAYTON-- Are you already sick of all the political ads? With the election more than a month away, expect to see a lot more of them, but how truthful are they? We hit the streets just to find out how much stock people put in the ads they see and read and ...   -  11 hours ago
She has become a pretty regular fixture on cable news and the still-coveted (at least in Washington) Sunday-morning political talk shows. She spent this summer walking in Pelosi’s footsteps. The two women were central figures on a national bus tour ...   Washington Post   -  12 hours ago
MARSHFIELD – A series of bipartisan political-based forums was launched earlier this month with more than 50 residents participating in lively discussions around the topic “Political Fix: How do We Get American Politics Back on Track?” The forums are ...   The Marshfield News-Herald   -  12 hours ago