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I am often asked if I think that there is any hope for a political solution in this country. I wish that I could be more optimistic when I answer, but as divided as this country is right now I see absolutely no hope for a political solution on the national ...   ETF Daily News   -  1 hour ago
asked a recent U.S. News & World Report article; a writer at The American Conservative followed up by blogging that the Cotton campaign was "flailing." The assembled crowd in Corning waved political novelty fans ("I'm a FAN of Pryor") to keep cool.   Arkansas Times   -  2 hours ago
Saroli referred to a Detroit News story published on July 15 that references Macomb Township, where the ACLU says their new ordinance limiting political signs goes too far. A spokesperson for the ACLU told Macomb Township officials, "all signs must be ...   -  2 hours ago
DALLAS (Reuters) - Images of protesters trying to stop buses loaded with illegal immigrants may dominate the news, but in the heart of Texas ... house 2,000 children from Central America in a risky political move as he faces re-election in November ...   Yahoo News   -  3 hours ago
This photo, shot in 1993, captured a unique moment in Prince Edward Island’s political history. At the time, and for the first and last time in the province’s history, the top five jobs in provincial politics were held by women. In the phoeo are Nancy ...   Journal Pioneer   -  3 hours ago
Philip Bump writes about politics for The Fix. He previously wrote for The Wire, the news blog of The Atlantic magazine. He has contributed to The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, The Daily, and the Huffington Post. Philip is based in New York City.   Washington Post   -  4 hours ago