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From Dara Kam and the News Service of Florida: In a new twist on man vs ... called the challenge a "John Henry kind of moment" for the political elite. "Sure I'm competing against a machine," Vancore said. "But we're all competitive.   -  5 hours ago
Over the past five years, I have lived in this state and have followed the news of Texas. In this time, I have learned “arrogant” cannot be a term of mere hyperbole, and willful ignorance is a byproduct of this lifestyle. Politics of this conservative ...   The Daily Toreador   -  5 hours ago
Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is hoping to dive into politics on a bigger stage, saying world events — and Canada’s role in foreign affairs — has compelled her to seek a seat with Stephen Harper’s federal Conservatives. Watts said she will seek the ...   The Vancouver Sun   -  6 hours ago
This is another example of our governor putting politics before people. On Nov. 4, I will vote for Mary Burke, who is focused on jobs, schools, clean air and water and affordable healthcare, not political games.   Madison   -  6 hours ago
Even with a polling advantage that suggests a two-to-one advantage, the push to legalize marijuana in DC was bound to run into some kind of organized opposition, and today that push back arrived in the form of former Representative Patrick Kennedy, who ...   Washingtonian   -  6 hours ago
Gee, it seems like just yesterday that most congressional Republicans were opposed to putting American boots on the ground in the Middle East. Actually, it was almost just yesterday. But that was then, and THIS is now: With extraordinary speed, the nation ...   Galva News   -  8 hours ago