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But the issue has also crept into politics far from the southern border. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick's offer to temporarily house children at two bases has drawn both praise and attacks from the candidates seeking to fill the Democrat's seat.   Boston Herald   -  2 hours ago
"The president just wants to sit back and play politics," incoming House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana said on "Fox News Sunday." "He's flying around the country doing fundraisers. He doesn't have time to sit down and work with Congress."   Enquirer Herald   -  2 hours ago
two social networking sites the former governor uses frequently to relay messages and reflect on hot topics in the world of politics. Despite the conservative nature of the 24 hour news program, along with Palin’s own conservative views the partnership ...   World TV PC   -  2 hours ago
Mike Michaud (mih-SHAWD'), for not taking a clear stand on whether he would agree to shelter children in Maine. But Michaud's campaign said last week that LePage is using the issue merely to rally his political base.   U.S. Airways   -  4 hours ago
Yet, if they were held today -- which is how the question is posed to registered voters in the Fox News national poll -- 43 percent would ... even though some political junkies can’t help from speculating about it. One thing that has been consistent ...   FOX News   -  4 hours ago
The Interior Minister has also revealed that major political leaders, including PTI Chairman are facing threats to their lives and therefore, stringent security measures are needed. However, it must be ensured that there is no impression of Army being used ...   Pakistan Observer   -  6 hours ago