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Meanwhile, Federal Election Commission filings show an independent political action committee run by the American ... South in Nashville at 5:30 pm,” he said in a news release. “Since that location is half a block from our rally, when that bus arrives ...   Times Free Press   -  1 hour ago
So exactly what sort of content will be making its way onto the Sarah Palin Channel? According to AP, the content will vary from Palin’s “own political commentary” to Q&A sessions and online video chats that will allow subscribers to communicate ...   Daily Digest News   -  1 hour ago
Even if Congress clears that hurdle, the courts would likely dismiss the suit as a “political question” between the branches ... “The way for Congress to make the news is to make news. The way to redress the balance is to redress it — by ...   -  1 hour ago
It is no news that these First Ladies have constituted themselves ... except those doing all they can to use public funds and other resources (including political capital) to prop them up. The voters don’t recognize them and will chafe at how public ...   Vibe Ghana   -  2 hours ago
In her work, Greene draws on insights from ancient philosophy, especially the ideal of respect for freedom that emerges in the late political thought of Plato, to examine how democratic governance contributes to political legitimacy today. Among the topics ...   Stanford News   -  2 hours ago
According to a report in RealClear Politics, Talk Radio star Laura Ingraham may be venturing ... (Carr didn’t mention her frequent appearances on Fox News Channel.) Carr is running on a purely ‘no amnesty’ campaign, whereas Alexander, a typical ...   US Financial Post   -  3 hours ago