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He told RTÉ today that he believes the appetite is there for something that ‘changes the political system so radically that its unrecognisable’, saying that the Civil War parties have abused the current system. However, he said that Creighton isn’t ...   Yahoo!   -  3 hours ago
Earlier this week, the nonprofit National Institute on Money in State Politics released its annual survey of competitiveness in state legislative races. How did Alaska measure up, you ask? Better than average. Seventy-eight percent of races for seats in ...   News Miner   -  5 hours ago
The Times-News editorial board’s recent critique imploring Republicans to represent all of Idaho rather than the rabid minority tea party exposes the narrow corridors of your political analysis. You might remember the dust up at the Republican convention ...   Twin Falls Times-News   -  9 hours ago
The news media work to open government and increase transparency. Thankfully, we are not alone. Numerous civic organizations, including — to name just a couple — the Virginia Public Access Project and the Virginia Coalition for Open Government ...   Times Dispatch   -  10 hours ago
BOSTON - Among the many decisions Gov.-elect Charlie Baker and the next Legislature could face is a potentially awkward one: Whether to back a salary hike for the state's chief executive and other top elected officials. The Special Advisory Commission on ...   The Sun Chronicle   -  11 hours ago
New secretaries, new party, new governor. Same $52,000 SUV. When Charlie Baker takes office come January, he’s slated to roll up to policy speeches and groundbreakings in the State Police-chauffeured wheels that have whisked Gov. Deval Patrick around the ...   Boston Herald   -  11 hours ago