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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — For decades, the politics of Cuba in Florida were simple: anything less than a hard line stance against Fidel Castro was a sure way to lose a race for office. President Barack Obama's surprise decision this week to restore ...   Yahoo News   -  11 hours ago
Over the past 16 years, Board of Regents President Bruce Rastetter has made more than $1.4 million in political contributions, including more than $329,000 in 2014, most of which went to Republicans. The majority of Rastetter's gifts benefited candidates ...   -  12 hours ago
A critical issues class taught by Mel Olson, and participation in debate and extemporaneous speaking further deepened her passion for politics. And they were particularly relevant to her decision to enter the political field later in life. "I'd have ...   The Daily Republic   -  13 hours ago
The Cultural Challenges of the Political Construct Dr. Melissa Harris Perry, in her role as a professor—not her role as a cable news personality, talked about the difficulty of labeling African Americans as conservative or liberal. She has said that the ...   Daily Kos   -  13 hours ago
Political considerations are common during any legislative ... showering money on local candidates and convening news conferences to either belittle Christie or drive his own message. He’s settled on the Transportation Trust Fund as his central issue ...   Asbury Park Press   -  13 hours ago
Losers, flops, duds and has-beens. After a brutal year in local, provincial and federal politics, here’s a sampler of who took a beating in 2014: The leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives spoiled for an election for months and started his ...   The Vancouver Sun   -  13 hours ago