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WIN 7 PRO SP1 32 Bit OEM 1 PK

Rating: 73 reviews from 4 sources


Selected Review of 32 Reviews

I have 3 computers with Windows 7 64 bit and they run fine . They update fine . But this new copy I received the updates do not work . It took me 6 days andRead full review


Selected Review of 5 Reviews

As always fast shipping great prices and great web siteRead full review


Selected Review of 31 Reviews

Program was easy to install and replace my old XP3 operating system. Took some time to add all the updates to Windows 7 and the other programs inRead full review


Selected Review of 5 Reviews

The Win7 PRO 32 bit OS software is being used on one of the last of the IBM Thinkpads made by IBM, a T43. The difficulty in install was caused by noRead full review