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Microsoft - Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One - Black

Rating: 3,742 reviews from 7 sources


Selected Review of 9 Reviews

My first Xbox Elite Wireless Controller was destroyed by Hurricane Irma, so this is my 2nd one. There was no hesitation to order another one. I pretty muchRead full review


Selected Review of 3202 Reviews

My boyfriend is in love with his remote rubs it in all his friends faces because he plays a much betterRead full review


Selected Review of 48 Reviews

The additional attachments for the controller are awesome. Change out paddles and sticks are magnetic and work great.Read full review


Selected Review of 5 Reviews

This controller is for the X-Box one. I love the smoothness of the buttons and the joysticks. The option for the triggers under the controller make it nice. It alsoRead full review


Selected Review of 1 Reviews

Great controller ! Can't play without itRead full review


Selected Review of 194 Reviews

This is currently my go to controller. Excellent build quality. Lots of options.Read full review


Selected Review of 283 Reviews

First off.. the buttons underneath are awesome.. being able to set different layout profiles and have 2 active profiles you can switch per game isRead full review