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Microsoft - Xbox Wireless Controller - Black

Rating: 7,513 reviews from 5 sources


Selected Review of 7420 Reviews

I got this because I wanted to stop using the bulky chat adapter. The color happens to be nice as well. The range is noticeably longer too!Read full review


Selected Review of 60 Reviews

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it has been very useful, the best thing is that it already has the 3.5 mm jack and that saves you a lot of trouble.Read full review


Selected Review of 5 Reviews

Yea it is a good controller for the price that i paid for it. Work perfectly and was brand new when i got it. No scratches, dents, or bumps.Read full review


Selected Review of 20 Reviews

Great hardware. feels better than the Xbox 360 controller. And Bluetooth is a nice feature, can use it with my phone quite easily.Read full review


Selected Review of 8 Reviews

Are you kidding me right now this controller is awesome All I'm saying is BUY ITRead full review