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  1. Freshwater Aquarium Care | Basics & Fish Information ...

    Help with the basics to advanced aspects of freshwater aquarium fish care. Most subjects covered, with resource links to more in depth/advanced information.

  2. Aquarium Care Basics: Freshwater Aquarium Video, & Pictures

    Welcome to Aquarium Care Basics, our freshwater aquarium care forum, with aquarium video galleries, aquarium pictures, and high resolution aquarium photos.

  3. Aquarium Basics | Tetra Aquarium - Aquariums and Fish ... › Information Center

    Trust the experts at Tetra to help you get your tank started off right with these aquarium basics!

  4. DIY Basic Aquarium Canopy Plan - About › DIY Canopy/Hood/Light Plans

    Here is an easy basic plan, graphics and instructions for building a tank canopy. Make it as fancy or plain as you wish. The basics are the same.

  5. Marine Aquarium Care | Basics to Advanced Information ...

    By Carl Strohmeyer Updated 2/14/14 Please Visit our: AQUARIUM OR POND PICTURE CONTEST, You can enter AND Vote!! Overview: This article is for basic to advanced ...

  6. HowStuffWorks "Aquarium Basics" › Pets › Aquarium Fish

    Aquarium basics are the starting point to a rewarding hobby. Learn how to launch into the world of freshwater fish with a lesson in aquarium basics.

  7. Aquarium Setup Guide | Aquarium Basics | Tropical Fish ...

    Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine’s Aquarium Setup Guide. View suggested parameters and values for different groups of fish.

  8. Aquarium Plumbing Basics - Reef Aquarium

    When you set out to plumb an aquarium set-up with a sump, the more planning / thought you put into the original set-up, the better it will be in the long run.

  9. Filtration | Aquarium Basics | Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine

    Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine’s Filtration Guide. Learn about the types of filtration and filters available, from box and sponge filters to protein skimmers and ...

  10. Some Sump Basics - Reef Aquarium

    Simply worded, a sump is just a secondary tank that is set-up and linked into a main / display tank as an option for placing equipment as well as providing filtration ...

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