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  1. Bill Gates Pie in Face - YouTube
    • By npshive ·
    • 1 min ·
    • Added 01/01/2010

    Bill Gates gets "attacked" in Belgium, circa 1999.

  2. Gates gets creamed - CNET News

    04/02/1998 · photo Bill Gates, a man used to having his cake and eating it too, has his cake and wears it too. A CNET article by Margie Wylie, Staff Writer, CNET News ...

  3. Images of gates pie
  4. Bill Gates hit with cream pie (the MPEG-movie)

    the MPEG-movie. On February 4th, 1998, Bill Gates has been hit with a cream pie in Brussels. The offender, a Belgian guy, got away. Two helpers, a French woman and a ...

  5. Bill Gates Pie'd - YouTube
    • By HassanJM ·
    • 1 min ·
    • Added 29/10/2007

    4 all of u guys who h8 Bill Gates

  6. BBC News | Americas | 'Pie terrorists' fined for Gates attack

    Tuesday, January 5, 1999 Published at 16:08 GMT World: Americas 'Pie terrorists' fined for Gates attack The pie throwers have warned of a second attack

  7. Download Pie Bill Gates 3.40 - Softpedia › Freeware Games

    28/04/2015 · Pie Bill Gates is created on the Whack-a-Mole game principle, heads pop out from hiding and you have to strike them with pies as fast as you can.

  8. Bill Gates - Pie in the face - zpub

    The Pictures! Pie in the face - February 4, 1998 . Bill Gates received a pie in the face as he entered a meeting hosted by Flemish Minister and President Van den ...

  9. Bill Gates' Pie Adventure -

    Bill Gates' Pie Adventure. Well, this renews my hope that there is indeed justice in the world. Bill went to Brussels to meet with Belgian government officials, and ...

  10. Pieing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Pieing has its origins in the "pie in the face" gag from slapstick comedy, ... A noted victim of pieing was Microsoft founder Bill Gates who was pied in Belgium in 1998.

  11. Bill Gates Pie in the Face! -

    On business in Brussels, Microsoft's Bill Gates was splatted in the face by a pie. The thrower, notorious for splatting the rich & famous with cream pies, was nearly ...

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