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    Soort: Etmopterus polli Bigelow, Schroeder & Springer, 1953: Afbeeldingen Etmopterus polli op Wikimedia Commons

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    The African lanternshark, Etmopterus polli, is a shark of the family Etmopteridae found in the eastern Atlantic between latitudes 12°N and 18°S, at depths between ...

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    An Etmopterus polli in uska species han Squaliformes nga ginhulagway ni Bigelow, Schroeder ngan Springer hadton 1953. An Etmopterus polli in nahilalakip ha genus …

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    Etmopterus polli. From Wikispecies. Jump to: navigation, search. Etmopterus polli. Taxonavigation . Taxonavigation: Squaliformes ...

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    Etmopterus polli Bigelow, Schroeder & Springer, 1953; Etmopterus princeps Collett, 1904; Etmopterus pseudosqualiolus Last, Burgess & Séret, 2002;

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    Compagno, L.J.V., 1984. FAO Species Catalogue. Vol. 4. Sharks of the world. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of shark species known to date.

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    Checklists. Interim Register of Marine and Nonmarine Genera as Etmopterus polli Bigelow, Schroeder & Springer, 1953; World Register of Marine Species as Etmopterus ...

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    Etmopterus spinax: Etmopterus virens: Scientific classification; Kingdom: Animalia: ... Etmopterus polli Bigelow, Schroeder & S. Springer, 1953 (African lanternshark)

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