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    Squatina: Species: S. africana: Binomial name; Squatina africana Regan, 1908: Range of African angelshark (in blue)

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    Soort: Squatina africana Regan, 1908: Verspreiding van de Afrikaanse zee-engel: Afbeeldingen Squatina africana op Wikimedia Commons

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    Taxonomic Notes: S. africana is regarded as the only angel shark occurring in the region, but given the rather sporadic distribution of this species, the author ...

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    Nom binominal Squatina africana Regan , 1908 Statut de conservation UICN DD: Données insuffisantes Squatina africana , l' Ange de mer africain , est une espèce …

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    Squatina africana Regan, 1908 - Afrikaanse zee-engel; Squatina albipunctata Last & Stevens, 2008 - oostelijke Australische zee-engel; Squatina argentina Marini, ...

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    Western Indian Ocean: tropical and warm temperate waters from Tanzania to the eastern Cape coast of South Africa.

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    Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map and images of Squatina africana - African angelshark

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    Squatina africana [2] är en hajart som beskrevs av Regan 1908. Squatina africana ingår i släktet Squatina och familjen havsänglar. [3] [4] IUCN kategoriserar ...

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    Language Label Description Also known as; English: Squatina africana. angel shark

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    Although this shark is a bottom-dweller and appears harmless, it can inflict painful lacerations if provoked, ... Squatina africana Regan, 1908 (African angelshark)