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    Appearance and biology. While the forward part of the angel shark's body is broad and flattened, the rear part retains a muscular appearance more typical of other sharks.

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    This is a list of fishes recorded from the oceans bordering South Africa. This list comprises locally used common names, scientific names with author citation and ...

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    Her kan du finde oplysninger om forskellige hajer, bl.a. Den Store Hvide Haj, Hammerhajen og mange flere.

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    Ниже представлен список ныне существующих видов акул — представителей надотряда Selachimorpha ...

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    Systematik der Haie. Als Haie (Selachii) werden acht Ordnungen der Neoselachii (rezente Haie und Rochen) aus der Unterklasse der Plattenkiemer (Elasmobranchii ...

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    www.kzncau.co.za/content/Copy_of_allspeciescal… · XLS-bestand · Webweergave

    Sheet3 Sheet2 Sheet1 Enter the length (in cm) in the yellow cells SASAA Common Name Scientific Name Length to measure Smith No. Length (in cm) Slope Intercept