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    ... Æ and æ are U+00C6 Æ latin capital letter ae (HTML Æ · Æ) and U+00E6 æ latin small letter ae (HTML æ · æ), respectively. ...

  2. Aelig - definition of Aelig by The Free Dictionary

    ae (ā) adj. Chiefly Scots One. [Variant of a.] æ or Æ 1. (Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) a digraph in Latin representing either a native diphthong, as in ...

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    The latest Tweets from aëlig. (@AeligChd). 7months. saint-malo | saint-nazaire

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  7. Aelig definition by Babylon’s free dictionary

    aelig \?\ or ae \ae\ a diphthong in the latin language; used also by the saxon writers. it answers to the gr. ai. the anglo-saxon short ? was generally replaced by a ...

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    Kræftsymptomerne på alle 15 australske forsøgspersoner er mindst halveret, siden forsøget med …

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    Fingeraftryk som sikkerhed <p><span style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;">Gæt med - 3 kvartal - 1. oms&aelig ...

  10. Aelig | definition of Aelig by Medical dictionary

    A-E (AE) above-elbow; see under amputation. above-elbow (AE) amputation, an amputation of the upper limb between the elbow and the shoulder. A short amputation …