1. Macromia tillyardi - Wikipedia


    Macromia tillyardi is a species of dragonfly in the family Macromiidae, known as the Australian cruiser. It is a large, black to metallic green dragonfly with bright ...

  2. Australian cruiser – Macromia tillyardi (Department of ...

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    This page should be cited as: Australian cruiser – Macromia tillyardi, WetlandInfo, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland, viewed 9 ...

  3. Macromia - Wikipedia


    Macromia splendens Pictet, 1843 – splendid cruiser, shining macromia dragonfly ... Macromia tillyardi Martin, 1906; Macromia unca Wilson, 2004; Macromia urania Ris ...

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    Macromia: Species: M. tillyardi: ... known as the Australian cruiser. ... Robin Tillyard collected the type specimen of Macromia tillyardi in 1905 and passed it onto ...

  5. Global Species : Macromia (River skimmer)


    Macromia (River skimmer) Search Advanced Search. Help. Home; ... Macromia tillyardi (Australian Cruiser) Macromia unca Macromia urania (Skimmer) Macromia

  6. Identification Key Rainforest Cruiser (Macromia viridescens)


    Identification Key to adult Australian damselflies and dragonflies: Macromia viridescens

  7. Identification Keys to Australian Dragonflies and Damselflies


    DragonflyPix.com - Identification Keys to Australian dragonflies and damselflies ... Australian Cruiser: Macromia tillyardi (Martin, 1906) Key: 255 : Rainforest Cruiser:

  8. List of Odonata species of Australia - Wikipedia


    List of Odonata species of Australia. ... Macromia. Australian cruiser, Macromia tillyardi; Rainforest cruiser, ...

  9. Macromia - topics.revolvy.com


    Feb 19, 2017 · Macromia is a genus of large dragonflies in the family Macromiidae ... 1952 Macromia annulata Hagen, 1861 – bronzed river cruiser Macromia

  10. Australian Damselflies & Dragonflies List


    Lists of Australian Damselflies & Dragonflies Based on "Identification Guide to the ... Australian Cruiser Macromia tillyardi. Rainforest Cruiser Macromia ...

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