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    MISSION是一家刀具公司,他们拥有一支充满创意和激情的设计队伍,专门设计予美军使用之军刀SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE UNITED STATES MILITARY。Mission


    英 [ˈmɪʃn] 美 [ˈmɪʃən] n. 代表团; 使命; 官方使命; 布道所 v. 给…交代任务; 派遣; 把任务交给; 向…传教 复数: missions 过去式: missioned 过去分词 ...

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    Mission Electronics was founded in 1977 by Farad Azima and was immediately recognised as one of the leaders in the development of acoustic engineering through …

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    Agriculture . Mission (grape), a variety of grape; Mission (olive), a variety of olive; Mission fig, a variety of fig oilve; in general it can mean to sent ...


    在近未来的日本,具有"type-e"超能力的人们,依旧有一部分对自己的力量毫无察觉。上班族女性美晴,就因为自己身边的电器总是莫名其妙的坏掉而常常烦恼不已 ...


    10 best Hainan golf courses that are perched on a bed of ancient lava rock, highlighting the area’s volcanic origins and creating a truly unique golf environment. ... Mission


    2014-09-25 With just one month to go, excitement is building as China prepares to stag... 2014-09-16 The 2nd Mission Hills Reciprocal Championship is all set from ...

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    Capp Street Crap reports: On a quest for a burrito on my last full day in Bangkok, I found a scene almost worthy of a Twilight Zone episode: a food court Mission ...

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    Christian mission is "an organized effort for the propagation of the Christian faith."[1] Mission often involve sending individuals and groups, called "missionaries ...

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    Mission. 152,048 likes · 133 talking about this. Mission® Foods is here to help you Eat Interesting with every dish. Let's spice up your meal routine!

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