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  1. VC中获取窗口句柄的各种方法 - xgx198831的专栏 ...- CSDN.NET this page

    AfxGetMainWndAfxGetMainWnd获取自身窗口句柄HWND hWnd = AfxGetMainWnd()->m_hWnd;GetTopWindow函数功能:该函数检查与特定父窗口相联的子窗口z序(Z序:垂直屏幕的方向,即叠放次序),并返回

  2. CopyQuery | Question & Answer Tool for your Technical Queries

    Why some kernel modules are marked (F) August 31, 2014 Author: copyquery No comment yet Some of the modules listed in /proc/modules are marked (F) – I think means forcefully loaded. I am sure they were not. If I unload and ...