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  2. Named pipe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In computing, a named pipe (also known as a FIFO for its behavior) is an extension to the traditional pipe concept on Unix and Unix-like systems, and is one of the methods of inter-process communication (IPC). The concept is also found in OS/2 and Microsoft …

  3. SSPI - Win32 samples

    The Security Support Provider Interface, SSPI for short, defines the mechanics of authenticating a user -- of verifying that he is who he claims to be, or at the very least, that he knows a secret (the password) associated with a ...

  4. MFC & Win32 |

    [wp_cpl_sc cat_id=2 read_more=More.. show_date=false show_author=false show_com... ... When Dialog boxes in MFC are created using the resource editor, they will have two default Command Buttons. One with caption as OK ...

  5. MySQL for Windows

    MySQL 5.1.56 for Windows XP/Vista/7 Building a Web Server, for Windows Requirements None Download Package(win32 binary, non-installer version) : Select Our Configuration %SYSTEMROOT ...

  6. Win32 Error Codes - Beckhoff Information System - German

    Components for Automation and Control: TwinCAT NT-Realtime-System, Bus terminal, Industrial PC, BECKHOFF-Lightbus ... Beckhoff realisiert offene Automatisierungssysteme auf Basis der PC-basierten Steuerungstechnik.

  7. Software Sleuthing: HRESULTS: FACILITY_WIN32

    2011/09/27 · Code HRESULT Description #define 0 0x00070000 The operation completed successfully. ERROR_SUCCESS 1 0x80070001 Incorrect function. ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION 2 0x80070002 The system cannot find the ...

  8. Running console applications silently - CodeProject › … › Win32/64 SDK & OS › General

    Shows how to run a console application without showing the window.; Author: Steven Szelei; Updated: 4 Jul 2002; Section: Win32/64 SDK & OS; Chapter: Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries; Updated: 4 Jul 2002

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    Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

  10. Win32 System error codes - MatheMainzel.Info

    Code Description Name 0 The operation completed successfully. ERROR_SUCCESS 1 Incorrect function. ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION 2 The system cannot find the file specified. ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND 3 The system cannot ...

  11. How to open a Windows named pipe from Java? - Stack …

    In windows, named pipes exist but they cannot be created as files in a writeable filesystem and there is no command line tool. They live in a special filesystem and can be created only by using the Win32 API. Looks like you'll have to ...

  12. Including results for win32 named pipe.

    Do you want results only for Win32 NamedPipe?

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