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  1. abort


    1. carry out or undergo the abortion of (a fetus).
      "Louisiana allows women to abort an embryo up to 12 weeks old" ·
      "the right to abort must remain a key element of a woman's ‘reproductive rights’"
      synonyms: terminate · end · have an abortion
      • (of a pregnant woman or female animal) have a miscarriage, with loss of the fetus.
        "an organism that infects sheep and can cause pregnant ewes to abort"
        synonyms: miscarry · have a miscarriage
      • biology
        (of an embryonic organ or organism) remain undeveloped; fail to mature.
    2. bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault:
      "the flight crew aborted the take-off"
      synonyms: halt · stop · end · call off · cut short · discontinue ·
      terminate · arrest · suspend · check · nullify · scrub · axe · pull the plug on · fail · come to a halt · end · terminate · miscarry · go wrong · not succeed · fall through · break down · be frustrated · collapse · founder · come to grief · fizzle out · flop
      antonyms: continue · complete · succeed · complete


    1. informal
      an act of aborting a flight, space mission, or other enterprise:
      "an abort because of bad weather"
      • an aborted enterprise.
        "I've wasted almost a year on an abort"


    mid 16th cent.: from Latin aboriri ‘miscarry’, from ab- ‘away, from’ + oriri ‘be born’.


    aborts(third person present)
    aborted(past tense)
    aborted(past participle)
    aborting(present participle)
    aborts(plural noun)
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  2. Abort | Definition of Abort by Merriam-Webster

    Video embedded · They decided to abort the pregnancy. abort the launch of a rocket. I suggest that you abort the project. The mission had to be aborted. When problems …

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    The launch abort motor, manufactured at Orbital ATK facilities in Magna, Promontory and Clearfield, Utah, is a powerful solid rocket motor designed to ensure crew safety.

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    Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. [note 1] An abortion which occurs spontaneously is also ...

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    This mat is abort four feet square, and when folded has one end sewn up, so that it forms a kind of sack open at one side.

  6. abort -
    • VERSION 2013

    abort does not return control to the calling process. By default, it checks for an abort signal handler and raises SIGABRT if one is set. Then abort terminates the ...

    • Syntax

      void abort( void );

    Beslutningen om at få en abort eller gennemføre graviditeten er din og din alene. Her kan du læse om indgrebet samt deltage i debatterne og spørge eksperten.

  8. Abort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Abort can mean: Abortion, the termination of pregnancy (human, of mammals, etc.) Late termination of pregnancy (although common, it is considered improper usage to ...


    Abortlinien - anonym telefon- og internetrådgivning for mennesker tæt på abort.


    Her kan du få information og støtte, hvis du overvejer abort. Vi tilbyder personlig anonym rådgivning online. Læs om medicinsk abort, kirurgisk abort, risici ...

  11. abort -

    Return Value. abort does not return control to the calling process. By default, it terminates the current process and returns an exit code of 3. Remarks

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