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  1. Aikido - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Aikido [ː] is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of his martial studies, philosophy, and religious beliefs. Aikido is often ...

  2. The Aikido FAQ

    The Aikido FAQ is a resource for Aikido information. Any question you might have about Aikido will be answered here.


    1 Significato del termine 合氣道 (aikido) 2 Storia: origini ed evoluzione dell'aikido. 2.1 Prima fase: evoluzione dello studio del Budō da parte del fondatore


    L' aïkido (合気道 , aikidō ?) est un art martial japonais (budo), fondé par Morihei Ueshiba O sensei entre 1925 et 1960 . L'aïkido a été officiellement ...

  5. AikiWeb Aikido Information

    Extensive repository for Aikido information including dojo listing, articles, and discussion forums. Maintained by Jun Akiyama.


    "El Aikido tradicional rechaza cualquier tipo de competencia. Enfatiza el desarrollo de la mente, el cuerpo y el espíritu hasta conseguir la completa armonía ...

  7. Aikido Shinju-kai - Aikido Shinju-kai

    Aikido Shinju-Kai is the largest and premier Aikido Organisation in Singapore, with 70 training centersisland-wide & overseas, and a strength of over 10,000 members ...


    L'esprit de l'aikido, ce qu'il faut savoir pour pratiquer dans un dojo. Les formes de bases afin d'assimiler plus facilement les techniques.


    Site Officiel de la Federation Francaise d'Aikido et de Budo. Retrouvez toutes les infos sur les Clubs, les Ligues et la F.F.A.B..

  10. Shudokan Martial Arts - nottingham

    Dedicated and committed to the very best in Aikido tuition and student service. Established as a full time martial arts centre in Nottingham since 2000.

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