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  1. Azure Web Sites - Building a Node.js and MongoDB Web Service

    Tejaswi Redkar shows you how to develop a RESTful Web service in Node.js that accesses a MongoDB database in the cloud, and how to deploy it to Azure Web Sites.

  2. Welcome to R.G.Cole - Azure

    R.G.Cole of Essex, specialists in fitted Bedrooms, Kitchens, Studies, and also free-standing furniture, including cabinets and Upholstery, and electrical appliances

  3. Azure Websites and Apps

    Create your first Azure Website. Creating a Microsoft Azure Website is easy and takes only seconds. Create a new Website using the Preview portal

  4. Using SignalR with Azure Web Sites | The ASP.NET Site

    In order to use WebSockets on Azure Web Sites, enable it in the configuration section of the site. To do this, open your web site in the Azure Management Portal, and ...

  5. Publishing ASP.NET Web Sites to “Windows Azure Web Sites ...

    Feb 18, 2013 · Home ›.NET › Publishing ASP.NET Web Sites to “Windows Azure Web Sites” Service. Publishing ASP.NET Web Sites to “Windows Azure Web Sites” Service

  6. Group Policy Search - Azure

    The GPS is a group policy search tool for Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy Settings.

  7. Building Azure Web Sites with Visual Studio Online ... › Events › Build › Build 2014

    Apr 04, 2014 · 2-646 Visual Studio Online “Monaco” is a new development experience for building Azure Websites. It provides a lightweight, code focused environment ...

  8. Microsoft Azure Web Sites Cheat Sheet

    A quick reference guide to Microsoft Azure Web Sites features, functionality and tooling.

  9. Windows Azure Web Sites: How Application Strings and ...

    Jul 17, 2013 · Azure Blog > Web. Wednesday, July 17, 2013 Windows Azure Web Sites: How Application Strings and Connection Strings Work. Stefan Schackow …

  10. Custom Domain on Azure Web Sites with GoDaddy «

    The ability to stand up a CMS, Blog, eCommerce, or other web site in minutes with only a couple of clicks makes Windows Azure Web Sites pretty outstanding.

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