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  1. BeOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    BeOS is an operating system for personal computers first developed by Be Inc. in 1991. It was first written to run on BeBox hardware. BeOS was built for digital media ...

  2. BeBits - BeOS Software!

    A BeOS files site similar to Freshmeat and A source for files and applications for the Be Operating System.

  3. BeBits - BeOS 5 Personal Edition

    About BeOS 5 Personal Edition: Note: BeOS does not properly run on modern computers. Patches are available, but the Haiku OS team has been making a lot of …


    BeOS er navnet på et operativsystem som ble utviklet av Be Incorporated fra 1990 som et media-operativsystem for personlige datamaskiner. BeOS var et nytt ...

  5. Haiku - Official Site

    An open-source operating system currently in development and inspired by BeOS. Its kernel is based on NewOS. Open source, released under the MIT license.

  6. Haiku (operating system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Haiku is a free and open-source operating system compatible with the now discontinued BeOS. Its development began in 2001, and the operating system became self ...

  7. BeBits Wiki - BeOS

    See NewbieInfo page. What is the BeOS? BeOS is a modern operating system that provides speed, ease of use, responsiveness and stability. Built 'from scratch', BeOS ...

  8. BeOS Operating System - History of Operating Systems

    BeOS BeOS was originally developed by the company Be with the former Apple coworker Jean-Louis Gasseè for its own type of computer, the BeBox.

  9. BeOS 5.0 Personal Edition - Nathan's Toasty Technology Page

    BeOS 5.0 Personal Edition screen shots. BeOS is a powerful OS designed primarily for Multimedia desktop use. Originally BeOS was designed for a custom computer …

  10. beos | Haiku Project

    As I still love the BeOS and I can't install it on new hardware, I tried to install it under VMware. I found many people who said it was working but no one's written ...

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