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    柏克萊軟體套件(英語:Berkeley Software Distribution,縮寫為 BSD),也被稱為柏克萊Unix(Berkeley Unix),是一個作業系統的名稱。衍生自Unix(類Unix),1970年代由柏克萊加州大學的學生比爾·喬伊開創,也被用來代表其衍生出的各種套件。 BSD


    Links to major BSD variants, Unix book list, help pages on several Unix and system administration issues.


    柏克萊軟體套件( 英语: Berkeley Software Distribution,縮寫為 BSD),也被稱為柏克萊Unix( Berkeley Unix ),是一個作業系統的名稱。衍生自Unix(類Unix),1970 …


    BSD (BerkeleySoftwareDistribution,伯克利軟體套件)是Unix的衍生系統,在1977至1995年間由加州大學伯克利分校開發和發佈的。歷史上, BSD曾經被認為是UNIX的一支 "BSD


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    BSD 精密搪頭 BSD Fine boring heads 清晰之大刻度環.每刻度移動量為0.005/直徑0.01mm. 中心通孔可供切削液. One division on the scale corresponds to 0.005 mm …

  8. BSD licenses - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Some releases of BSD prior to the adoption of the 4-clause BSD license used a license that is clearly ancestral to the 4-clause BSD license. These releases include 4.3BSD …

  9. Berkeley Software Distribution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) was a Unix operating system derivative developed and distributed by the Computer Systems Research Group (CSRG) of the University of California, Berkeley, from 1977 to 1995. Today the term "BSD" is often used non-specifically to refer to any of the BSD


    BSD YA6000 詳細規格介紹 高傳真全音域喇叭,音效最好,讓你原音重現 發射器之領夾麥克風超高感度設計,置於胸前仍正常發音 本機採石英鎖定振盪,頻率保證不會飄移 最 …

  11. The FreeBSD Project

    Official home: the definitive resource for FreeBSD information. Descriptions, downloads, documents, community, developer resources, support.

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