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  1. Burma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Burma, officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and commonly shortened to Myanmar, [nb 1] is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia bordered by Bangladesh, …

  2. Free Burma Coalition Mission

    An umbrella group of organizations around the world working for freedom and democracy in Burma. Supports the National League for Democracy (NLD).


    Etymologie . In 1824 werd het huidige Myanmar als kolonie ingelijfd door het Britse Rijk onder de naam Burma (Nederlandse spelling: Birma). Toen het land in 1948 ...


    Burma ist eine Weiterleitung auf diesen Artikel. Zum bengalischen Schauspieler und Filmregisseur dieses Namens siehe Phani Burma.

  5. U.S. Campaign for Burma - Home

    US Campaign for Burma utilizes U.S. government and policy to help leverage and promote human rights, democracy, and freedom for all persons in Burma/Myanmar.


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    Burma Specialisten - Vi åbner hele Burma - Østens bedste hemmelighed. Visa-On-Arrival, ankomstpakker, aktive rundrejser, trekking og cykelferie. Vi tilbyder ...

  8. Burma Campaign UK

    Campaigning for human rights and democracy in Burma. News, reports and campaigns.

  9. Home Free Burma Rangers

    The Free Burma Ranger's (FBR) mission is to provide hope, help and love to internally displaced people inside Burma, regardless of ethnicity or religion.

  10. British rule in Burma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    British rule in Burma lasted from 1824 to 1948, from the Anglo-Burmese wars through the creation of Burma as a Province of British India to the establishment of an ...