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  1. Simon's Town Museum Cable Restorer

    CS Cable Restorer, a cable repair ship, was launched on 26th January 1944 as HMS Bullfrog, one of five sister ships. Employed in the preservation of ...

  2. CS Restorer - History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine ...

    History of the Atlantic Cable & Undersea Communications from the first submarine cable of 1850 to the worldwide fiber optic network. CS Restorer

  3. Cable Repair Ship - T-ARC - Federation Of American ...

    Cable Repair Ship - T-ARC. The Cable Repair Ship performs maintenance on the Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) which is a network of strategically placed sonar ...

  4. Cable layer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A cable layer or cable ship is a deep-sea vessel designed and used to lay underwater cables for telecommunications, electric power transmission, or other purposes.

  5. The Cable Ship SS Restorer - RBCM Archives

    Restriction: image HP03640 is a glass plate negative. Researchers should consult the online reference image or reference room copy prior to consulting the original.

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  7. The cable ship Restorer, in Esquimalt Harbour. - RBCM Archives

    Item I-77471 - The cable ship Restorer, in Esquimalt Harbour. Archives visual records collection; The cable ship Restorer, in Esquimalt Harbour.

  8. Cable Ships - folder/cable sh/cablesh.html

    Victoria British Columbia has a history of being a base for cable ships. The Restorer was based in Victoria for some time.

  9. 11 Jul 1903 - THE CABLE SHIP RESTORER.

    THE CABLE SHIP RESTORER. A break has occurred in the cable con-necting Nelson, New Zealand, with Sydney at a point believed to be between 200 and 300 ...

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