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  1. Faulty Windows Update causes PC to Freeze (?) - Microsoft ...

    Faulty Windows Update causes PC to Freeze (?) BA. Baobabtree asked on February 4, 2012. My PC freezes ... Cleanup the Update Components on your Windows XP

  2. New IE causes computer to freeze multiple times a day and ...
    • Resolved ·
    • Last updated: 10/02/2011 ·
    • First post: 10/02/2011 ·
    • 4 total answers

    New IE causes computer to freeze multiple times a day and can't ... That fact that it causes my system to freeze means ... One uninstalls Windows ...

  3. Windows freezes or stops responding. - Computer Hope

    Information on why Windows freezes or stops responding on your computer. ... it can cause the computer to freeze. ... the failing hardware is likely the RAM, ...

  4. Could faulty RAM cause a delayed Windows startup? - Super …

    ... and usually it would be about a week after reinstalling the OS before it would freeze ... RAM would cause ... can detect errors and retry, but Windows XP's IDE ...

  5. Screensaver Causes My computer to Freeze - SETI@home

    I've a Dell Dimension 8400 running Windows XP Home with SP3. I have 4GB ram ... I have my screensaver ... Windows: Screensaver Causes My computer to Freeze.

  6. Windows XP: Freezes randomly way too much - TechSpot › Forums › TechSpot Core › Windows & Microsoft
    • Last updated: 09/01/2008 ·
    • 10 posts ·
    • First post: 08/03/2005

    Windows XP: Freezes randomly way too much. ... and then a few minutes later the computer freezes. ... Freezing Windows

  7. windows xp - What is the Cause of Random Freezing/Blue ...

    ... Freezing/blue screen/restarting happens randomly on my Desktop PC. ... (RAM) tend to have faults and cause this Errors. ... Windows XP - Blue Screen

  8. When Windows XP Hangs Up During Boot Screen or At … › Computing › Windows › Windows XP Support

    03/06/2011 · If your Windows XP hangs up on the welcome screen or you get a ... A corrupt MBR can also cause Windows XP to hang ... RAM to avoid Windows XP freezing ...

  9. Virtual memory causes computer freezing? › Forums › Windows XP › Hardware Problems

    Virtual memory causes computer freezing? Tags: Computer. virtual memory. ... 256mb is just not enough for Windows XP plus Antivirus plus ... RAM [random access memory

  10. 4gb ram on windows xp...problems? - Forums - CNET › Forums › Desktops

    31/10/2006 · ... by simply taking out a gb stick of ram? then putting it back when vista is out? or can it cause some sort serious ... 4gb ram on windows xp ...

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