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  1. Coming of Zune


  2. Microsoft "Coming Zune" 站点启动 - 晨怡网景网站公司 - 首页 this page

    还记得微软神秘站点的那只奇怪的兔子吗?它在这里出现了!在微软宣布Zune存在后,一个新站点出现在了互联网上,以一段线条动画和轻松的女生声音,展开了Zune的征途,目前 ...

  3. Coming Zune | 'The Theme'

    Sep 17, 2006 · Coming Zune September 17, 2006 Posted by O.J. in Technology & Gadgets. trackback With Apple announcing its new line of next generation iPods, and …

  4. Coming Zune! - Broowaha - Broowaha - Your Citizen Newspaper

    Microsoft's answer to the iPod is coming out Tuesday November 14th in the US (scheduled for release in 2007 in Europe). With the Playstation 3 and the Wii coming

  5. | Coming ZUNE!

    Coming Zune, in Zune… no… ZUNER! Ugg. Microsoft and their new plans to release a music player to compete with the ever popular iPod.

  6. Coming Zune | Keith's Amusing Musings

    If you haven t heard by now, Microsoft is getting into the portable, digital media player (DMP) business in a big way with its combination hardware, software and ...

  7. Coming Zune | Music Lead | Cleveland Scene

    Coming Zune Once again, Microsoft is chasing Apple in the hipster-hardware game. By Nina Shapiro

  8. Coming Zune | Westword

    Wicked!' exclaims Richard Winn as he stands on the Seattle Center's Broad Street Lawn during Bumbershoot, expressing appreciation for the French band Nouvelle Vague.

  9. Zune - Coming Zune From Microsoft - Video
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    • Added Sep 19, 2006

    Zune is the name of the project, the brand, and the device. The first Zune device will be launched this year, with more devices to come in 2007.

  10. Coming Zune : Surfing : Brand Spanking New

    A very small and unusual teaser site for Microsoft's touted iPod-killer the "Zune". Seems to be an animated film of a would-be pederast befriending a small boy with ...