1. conk·er
    conkers (plural noun)
    1. BRITISH
      the hard shiny dark brown nut of a horse chestnut tree.
      • (conkers)
        a children's game in which each child has a conker on the end of a string and takes turns trying to break another's with it.
    mid 19th cent. (a dialect word denoting a snail shell, with which the game, or a similar form of it, was originally played): perhaps from conch, but associated with (and frequently spelled) conquer in the 19th and early 20th centuries: an alternative name was conquerors.
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    Conkers is a traditional children's game in Britain and Ireland played using the seeds of horse chestnut trees—the name 'conker' is also applied to the seed and to the tree itself. The game is played by two players, each with a conker threaded onto a piece of string: they take turns striking each other's conker until one breaks.
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