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  1. eas·y


    1. achieved without great effort; presenting few difficulties:
      "an easy way of retrieving information"
      synonyms: uncomplicated · undemanding · unchallenging ·
      effortless · painless · trouble-free · facile · simple · straightforward · elementary · easy as pie · a piece of cake · child's play · kids' stuff · a cinch · no sweat · a breeze · smooth sailing · duck soup · a snap
      antonyms: difficult · challenging
    2. (of a period of time or way of life) free from worries or problems:
      "promises of an easy life in the New World"
      antonyms: stressful · chaotic


    1. without difficulty or effort:
      "we all scared real easy in those days"


    Middle English (also in the sense ‘comfortable, quiet, tranquil’): from Old French aisie, past participle of aisier ‘put at ease, facilitate’ (see ease).


    easier(comparative adjective)
    easier(comparative adverb)
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