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  1. fes¦ter


    1. (of a wound or sore) become septic; suppurate:
      "a festering abscess"
      synonyms: suppurate · become septic · form pus · secrete pus · discharge ·
      run · weep · ooze · come to a head · maturate · be purulent · rankle · apostemate
      • (of food or rubbish) become rotten and offensive to the senses:
        "piles of mouldy grey paper festered by the sink"
      • (of a negative feeling or a problem) become worse or more intense, especially through long-term neglect or indifference:
        "below the surface, the old antagonisms festered"
        synonyms: rankle · chafe · gnaw (at one's mind) · eat away at one's mind ·
        ferment · brew · smoulder · cause bitterness · cause resentment · cause vexation · cause annoyance
      • (of a person) deteriorate physically and mentally in isolated inactivity:
        "remand prisoners are left to fester in our jails while they wait for trial"


    late Middle English: from the rare word fester ‘fistula’, later ‘festering sore’, or Old French festrir (verb), both from Old French festre (noun), from Latin fistula ‘pipe, reed, fistula’.


    festers(third person present)
    festered(past tense)
    festered(past participle)
    festering(present participle)
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