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  1. Fuck you Microsoft

    Fuck you Microsoft

  2. Fuck Windows 7 and fuck Microsoft! - Democratic Underground › Discuss › Archives

    03/02/2009 · I am from Microsoft, and I am here to help you? I think I heard that line in another horror movie somewhere. In my case, I have been a power user of ...

    • By dayashathirsts ·
    • 10 min ·
    • Added 30/07/2009

    yup it happens to all of us...

  4. fuck microsoft - YouTube
    • By truthsayer ·
    • 3 min ·
    • Added 08/01/2008

    why is it that every time i call of support im speaking with someone from india.

  5. Fuck Xbox | Die Xbox, Die

    Microsoft's Xbox is a terrible console that nobody should ever buy. Ever. Under any circumstances. It's technologically inferior to other consoles, prone to failures ...


    FUCK MICROSOFt? ... ...

  7. Fuck Microsoft!!! - AdScam/The Horror!

    I’ll just rant one more time about Microsoft, then move on to more useful shit. As “AV” comments on my last post, these fucking “service packs” are a ...

  8. Fuck You, Microsoft - Groupthink - Home for Glorious Hags

    Apparently, everyone at Microsoft can go die in a fucking fire, because watermarking/constant-online requirements are a thing, despite their efforts to …

  9. Fuck Microsoft's Profile Microsoft

    Fuck Microsoft. Member Since. Jul 6, 2011-Points. FAQ Experience Activity. Points History. Statistics. Achievements ...

  10. Microsoft Word Sucks - Weird

    Microsoft Word Sucks. Original author unknown. ... Don't make me fucking laugh. What you do get is a profusion of bells and whistles thrown in a careless heap, ...

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