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    • By dayashathirsts ·
    • 10 min ·
    • Added 30/07/2009

    FUCK YOU MICROSOFT YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!! dayashathirsts. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 4,534. Subscription preferences Loading... Loading ...

  2. -

    Microsoft; Operating Systems; Parody; Power Pc; Solaris; Vanity E Mail; Virtual Hosting; Be OS; E-mail Forwarding; FreeBSD; PowerPC; Vanity E-mail; Connect With …

    • By naruto0014 ·
    • 1 min ·
    • Added 29/07/2007

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  4. Fuck Windows 7 and fuck Microsoft! - Democratic Underground › Discuss › Archives

    03/02/2009 · I am from Microsoft, and I am here to help you? I think I heard that line in another horror movie somewhere. In my case, I have been a power user of ...

  5. FUCK Microsoft! - The Stevelopedia | For all things Steve.

    08/09/2010 · Just the fact I have to write this whole fucking rant on my ducking iPhone should explain how fucking unimpressed I am with Microsoft and Windows fucking 7 ...

  6. What. The. Fuck. Microsoft.

    11/02/2013 · If I got to pick a winner among Apple’s major competitors over the next decade I would want Microsoft to be playing opposite Apple in the consumer ...

  7. Microsoft Support

    Top support issues. Learn about the new Windows 8.1 update and what it means for you; Don’t fall for tech support scammers, says Microsoft’s Kirsten Kliphouse

  8. Fuck Microsoft's Profile

    Fuck Microsoft. Member Since. Jul 6, 2011-Points. FAQ Experience Activity. Points History. Statistics. Achievements ...

  9. Fuck Adobe and Fuck Microsoft Too!!! - Traumatized By Truth
    • 6 posts ·
    • By Traumatized By Truth ·
    • Published 02/06/2009

    02/06/2009 · My motherfucking computer just got hammered with a motherfucking virus from hell that came in through motherfucking adobe. I have just changed all my ...

  10. Fuck You, Microsoft - Groupthink

    Apparently, everyone at Microsoft can go die in a fucking fire, because watermarking/constant-online requirements are a thing, despite their efforts to …

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